1. How many bones are in each foot?
    26 + 2 Sesamoid bones
  2. What are the 3 bones sections of the foot?
    • 1)Metatarsus
    • 2)Phalanges
    • 3)Tarsus
  3. What is the primary purpose of the metatarsus?
    Shock absorption
  4. How many bones are in the big toe?
  5. What 3 groups are the phalanges bones broken up into?
    • Distal
    • Proximal
    • Median
  6. What percent of your body weight is supported by the metatarsus?
  7. What percent of your body weight is supported by the Heel?
  8. What percent of your body weight is supported by the Big Toe?
  9. What are march fractures?
    Tiny fractures or breaks in the metatarsal bones caused by the overuse of the feet
  10. What arches do we have in each foot?
    • Medial longitudinal arch
    • Lateral Longitudinal arch
    • 2 Transverse
  11. Medial Longitudinal arch
    inner side of the foot. most important arch, acts as a major shock absorber
  12. Lateral Longitudinal Arch
    Outer side
  13. Transverse
    One under the ball of the foot and one right before the heel at the instep
  14. What's the primary function of the toes?
  15. What is the top view of the foot?
  16. What is the bottom view of the foot?
  17. What is the side view of the foot?
    Medial, Lateral
  18. What is the name given to a muscle when it stretches?
  19. What is the name given to the muscle when it contracts?
  20. How many sizes are we likely to change from the ages of 25-50?
  21. Bunion
    An enlargement with deformity of the big toe joint
  22. How many ligaments do we have?
    107 per foot
  23. When is the best time of the day to purchase new shoes?
    At the end of your day. For athletic shoes, after your workout
  24. Callous
    A broad area of thickened skin that occurs at the heel, ball of the foot and the side of the toe
  25. Gout
    A disease where you have crystals of uric acid that deposit
  26. Synovial Fluid
    That lubricating substance within the joints that prevents wear and tear of the joints rubbing together
  27. How many joints do we have?
  28. How many tendons do we have?
  29. How many ligaments do we have?
  30. What does a tendon do?
    Attaches the muscles to the bones
  31. What does a ligament do?
    fibrous tissue that connects bones to other bones
  32. How does one get Plantar's wart?
    By exposing your feet in public places
  33. Plantars Wart
    Viral tumor located on the bottom of the foot
  34. Why do we wear shoes?
    To protect ourselves against water, heat, comfort, functional performance and fashion
  35. What is the condition when your have pinched plantar nerves at the underside of the feet?
    Plantar fasciitis
  36. How do you get flat feet?
    Hereditary means, obesity, from wearing improper shoes
  37. What is an orthotic?
    A device that is custom made to correct some foot and walking disorders
  38. What is the most important tendon of the foot?
    Achilles tendon
  39. Achilles tendon
    Attaches the foot muscles to the leg bones
  40. Hammer Toe
    Tendons shrink and toes curl up
  41. how do you avoid Morton's Neuroma?
    By wearing shoes that are wide enough for you
  42. Counter
    A support piece that is placed at the heel. A stiffening material
  43. What is the front part of a shoe upper?
  44. Toe Spring
    Space that is left at the front of the shoe
  45. What are the seven main styles of shoes?
    Mule, Boot, Mocassin, Oxford, Sandal, Monk Strap, pump
  46. Supination
    When you walk on the outer part of your shoe
  47. Pronation
    When you walk on the inner part of your shoe
  48. If you were to design a shoe for my grandmother?
    Low heel, Easy closure, slip on the zipper, cushioned insole, non slip shoes
  49. What is the maximum heel height to keep you up at 90 degrees?
    1.5 inches
  50. Why do we use accessories?
    Fashion, Adornment, enhancing a garment, gives individualism, changes look and creates mood
  51. Corn
    From shoes that are too short. Dead skin that forms at the top of the toe.
  52. Morton's Neuroma
    Morton's neuroma is a thickening of nerve tissue between the toes
  53. What is the name of the fit that that I experience when I am at rest?
  54. What is the name of the fit that I am experiencing when I'm standing?
    Weight bearing fit
  55. What is the name of the fit when the foot is in motion
    Functional Fit
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