adventure ed

  1. What are the verbal commandements for the trust lean?
    • ready to fall
    • ready to catch
    • falling
    • fall away
  2. What happens during the slice and dice?
    the groups forms a gauntlet and holds their arms out in front; as a member walks down the aisle, the people should raise up and lower there arms creating a ripple effect
  3. crossing a cable using one rope that is attached to a pole
    tension traverse
  4. to stand facing each other on seperate cables; they must support each other
    tandem traverse
  5. what is the tandem traverse also called?
    wild woozy
  6. What is the objective of the mowhawk walk?
    to get the entire groupd from the first pole to the last without touching the ground.
  7. how many ropes can be used in the mowhawk walk?
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