Vocab 9

  1. auxiliary
    • giving assistancce or support; a helper, aid
    • synonyms: additional, back-up; reserve, accessory
  2. candid
    • frank, sincere; impartial; unposed
    • synonyms: forthright, plainspoken, unbiased
  3. cubicle
    • a small room or compartment
    • synonyms: enclosure, hole-in-the-wall
  4. drudgery
    • work that is hard and tiresome
    • synonyms: toil, labor, grind
  5. envoy
    • a representative or messenger (as of government)
    • synonyms: agent, ambassador, emissary, minister
  6. escalate
    • to elevate; to increase in intensity
    • synonyms: climb, raise, ascend, mount
  7. expedient
    • a means to an end; andvantageous, useful
    • synonyms: contrivance, device, serviceable
  8. fegin
    • to pretend
    • synonyms: fake, sham , affect, simulate
  9. flair
    • a natural quality, talent, or skill; a distinctive style
    • synonyms: aptitude, bent, knack, gift, style, panache
  10. grievous
    • causing sorrow or pain; serious
    • synonyms: painful, heartrending, onerous, flagrant
  11. heterogeneous
    • composed of different kinds, diverse
    • synonyms: miscellaneous, mixed, variegated
  12. horde
    • a vast number (as of people); a throng
    • synonyms: crowd, mass, multitude, host, swarm
  13. impel
    • to force, drive forward
    • synonyms: urge, push, spur, propel, incite
  14. incredulous
    • disbelieving, skeptical
    • synonyms: dubious, mistrustful, doubting
  15. inscribe
    • to write or engrave; to enter a name on a list
    • synonyms: imprint, enroll, enlist
  16. monolouge
    • a speech by one actor; a long talk by one person
    • synonyms: soliloquy, recitation
  17. prognosis
    • a forecast of the probable course and outcome of a disease or situation
    • synonyms: prediction, projection
  18. rasping
    • with a harsh, gratting sound; a harsh sound
    • synonyms: scratchy, scraping, abrasive, gravelly
  19. repugnant
    • offensive, disagreeable, distasteful
    • synonyms: hateful, odious, revolting, repulsive
  20. scuttle
    • to sink a ship by cutting holes in it; to get rid of something in a decisive way; to run hastily, scurry; a pail
    • synonyms: abandon, discard, scrap, ditch, dump
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