SAT Vocab 4

  1. discriminate
    • (v.) to recognize a difference between things; 2/ to treat members of a group ungairly because of prejudice; (adj.) characterized by the ability to see or make distinctions between things
    • SYN-(v.)discern, distinquish, favor, bias; (adj.)discriminating, choosy, discerning
  2. disdain
    • (n.) strong contempt or feeling of scorn; (v.) disregard, reject, scorn, snub, despise
    • SYN-(n.) contempt, ridicule, arrogance; (v.) disregard, reject, snub, despise
  3. disparage
    • (v.) 1. to speak of in a slighting or disrespectful way; 2. to undervalue; 3. to discredit
    • SYN-belittle, degrade, undervalue, discredit
  4. engender
    • (v.) 1. to create or give rise to; 2. to make children
    • SYN-create, incite, produce, cause, breed
  5. guile
    • (n.) trickery, duplicity, or decptive cunning
    • SYN- cunning, craftiness, trickery
  6. heresy
    • (n.) a belief that counters accepted religious doctrine or the holding of such a belief
    • SYN-dissent, nonconformity, sacrilege
  7. impartial
    • (adj.) unbiased, not partial, and shoing equal treatment
    • SYN-unbiased, fari, neutral
  8. incessant
    • (adj.) uninterrupted and continuous
    • SYN-constant, unending, continuous, uninterrupted
  9. ironic
    • (adj.) different than what was anticipated; 2. humorously sarcastic
    • SYN-contrary, absurd, twisted, unexpected
  10. languid
    • (adj.) 1. lacking energy and spirit; 2. slow moving
    • SYN-sluggish, lazy, inactive
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