1. Adagio
    a slow, sustained movement
  2. Allegro
    brisk and lively movement
  3. Barre
    a horizontal wooden pole used for support; also the beginning exercises for a ballet class
  4. Battement
    a controlled movement (forward, sideward, orbackward) of the leg in which a straight leg is lifted from the hip and returned tothe floor
  5. Center
    the part of the ballet class comprised of steps and combinations executedin the middle of the studio or traveling across the floor
  6. Chaine
    to chain; a series of linked turns keeping the feet in first position
  7. Chasse
    to chase; one foot chases the other (step, close, step)
  8. Degage
    a brush barely off of the floor; passes through the tendu positions
  9. Demi
    half; small
  10. Grand
    big or large
  11. Jete
    a leap
  12. Pas de bouree
    a sideways movement that steps behind,side, and front
  13. Passe`
    to pass; working leg meets the knee of the supporting leg. may be parallel or turned out.
  14. Pirouette
    A turn executed on one leg and does not travel. Can be done parallel or turned out.
  15. Plie`
    to bend the knees
  16. Port de bras
    the carriage of the arms
  17. Releve`
    raised on the toes
  18. Spotting
    A movement of the head in turns where the eyes are focused on aparticular spot in the direction of the turn, and the head is quickly snapped back at the last possible moment to re-focus on the same spot.
  19. Tendu
    stretched; the foot brushes along the floor to a pointed toe
  20. Turn-out
    the ability to turn out or rotate legs from the hip joints
  21. Working Leg
    the leg that moves, and/or extends
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