Oral Board

  1. What are your long range employment goals?
  2. Where do you plan to be in 5 years?
  3. Have you ever been fired by an employer?
  4. Have you ever had to fire your weapon in the line of duty?
  5. If selected how soon could you start work?
  6. Have you received any traffic citations in the past five years?
  7. What type of benefits are available?
  8. How do you handle Stress?
  9. What is probable cause?
  10. What experence do you have that will be beneficial to our organization?
  11. Why should we choose you over the other candidates?
  12. What are your strenghts and weaknesses?
  13. Have you ever had a conflict with a co-worker? What was it and how did you resolve the situation?
  14. Have you ever had a conflict with a supervisor? What was it and how did you resolve the situation?
  15. Name the natural resources on the Southern Ute res.
    • 1. Forestry
    • 2. Range
    • 3. Oil and gas
  16. How would you deal with a problem bear?
    • Attempt to presurve the animal at all costs by,
    • 1. Chasing the animal away.
    • 2. Contacting DOW in an attempt to trap and re-locate the animal.

    The very last resort and only if the publics imediate safety was at stake, would be to destroy the animal.
  17. Your on patrol when you see a group of hunters. You observe on of the hunters shoot and kill an elk. You contact the hunter who killed the elk and reconize he is the chief of police and he does not have a hunting license. What would you do?
    As diplomaticly as possible issue a summons for hunting without a license. Treat everyone the same.
  18. List some of the required permites for Southern Ute property.
    • 1. Woodcutting
    • 2. Logging
    • 3. Grazing
    • 4. Crossing
    • 5. Hunting
    • 6. Fishing
    • 7. Trapping
  19. You pull up on a traffic accident with a non-native driver and a native passenger what will you do?
    Radio dispatch of the accident and request approprate agency respond. Render first aid if needed, maintain scene integrity until the approprate agency arrives. Turn the scene over and assest if needed.
  20. What would you di in a vehicle presuit?
    Given the vehicles the Rangers are issued I would avoid a high seed presuit if possible. I would get a good description of the vehicle and license plate number and radio it to dispatch and slow down. If other agencies become involved i would back out of the presuit and continue at a safe speed to provide back if needed when the presuit ended.
  21. What does "Garrity vs. New Jersey" mean to you?
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