Renaissance and Reformation World History Test

  1. renaissance
    • -"rebirth" of art & learning
    • -bcs. of plague ppl saw death all around them and learned to cherish and live life
  2. renaissance man
    -a person who was physically, mentally, spiritually, & artisticly fit
  3. humanism
    -belief that emphasizes the potential of ppl to perfect themselves
  4. christian humanists
    -ppl can be perfected with the help of god or christ
  5. michelangelo
    • -Michelangelos David
    • -sistine chapel ceiling=god blesses adam
  6. leonardo da vinci
    • -mona lisa
    • -the last supper
    • -known for being a brilliant engineer, inventor, & for his notebooks which were written in a "mirror-writting style"
  7. raphael
    -school of athens
  8. donotello
    -donatellos bronze "david"
  9. william shakespeare
    • -english playwrite & poet
    • -romeo & juliet, julius ceasar, hamlet, othello, midsummer nights dream, etc.
  10. elizabeth I
    • -Elizabethan age=reign of elizabeth in england=time of english renaissance
    • -personified or rep. the english renaissance bcs. of how versatile she was
    • -queen
    • -educated
    • -artistic
    • -military
  11. abuses of the church
    • -having sex when they had taken vows of chastity
    • -living lavoushly
    • -selling indulgences & relics for salvation instead of using the bible
    • -miss rep. the bible
    • -drunkness & gambling
  12. martin luther
    • -German guy who started studying law
    • -promised to become a monk when caught in an electric storm
    • -went to Wittenberg University where he was a professor & priest
    • -against corruption but mostly selling of indulgences
    • -went against John Tetzel
    • -wanted to refom church, not break away-became known as reformation
  13. 95 theses
    • -document that outlined luthers disagreements with the church in front of the Wittenburg Castle
    • -salvation is by faith in christ alone, not good works
    • -common person was = to pope in gods eyes
    • -everyman could read & interperet bible and pray & approach god themselves
    • -church doctrine should be bases on bible, not church tradition or ideas of the pope
  14. diet of worms
    • -luther put on trail before the diet of worms
    • -found guilty & no one in germany was allowed to give him food or shelter=edict of worms?
  15. protestants (Lutherans)
    • -luthers supporters in N. Germany protested the diet of worms
    • -became known as protestants
    • -after luther ended protestant revolt he created his own church
  16. henry VIII
    • -him & rest of england are strongly catholic, pope called him defender of faith
    • -doesnt have a son to be heir to throne & wife is to old to keep having kids
    • -cant get a divorce & asks pope to innul his marriage, pope refuses
    • -henry gets parliament to pass the Act of Supremecy
    • -means pope has no power in england & king is head of church of englanc
    • -Anglican church
    • -grants himself a divorce
    • -went through 5 more wives before he had son-Edward VI
  17. anabaptists
    • -baptising again as adults
    • -an adult chooses to be baptized, a baby doesnt
    • -broke away from Anglican church
    • -became baptist church & quakers
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