1. How many provinces and territories are in Canada?
    10 provinces and 3 territories
  2. Where do most Canadians live?
    Near the St. Lawrence River
  3. What is the largest city in Canada?
  4. What are Canada's major economic activities?
    Manufacturing, farming, and service industries.
  5. Where is the leading manufacturing region of Canada?
  6. Where is Canada's main Pacific port?
  7. Who heads the government in Canada?
    The Prime Minister
  8. What type of government does Canada have?
    Parliamentary Democracy
  9. What is the highest peak in Canada:
    Mt. Logan
  10. What kind of economy does Canada have?
    A free market economy
  11. What territory was created in 1999 as a homeland for Canada's Inuit people?
  12. The soil of the Canadian Shield is poor, but rich in__________?
    mineral resources
  13. To open the Great Lakes to shipping, Canada and the US built___________?
    The St. Lawrence Seaway
  14. What are Nova Scotia, New Brunswick, and Prince Edward island known as?
    Maritime Provinces
  15. Which city is Canada's center of manufacturing, finances, and communication?
  16. What city is the national capital of Canada?
  17. Who explored and colonized Canada?
    British and French
  18. Who chooses Canada's top government official?
    representatives in Parliment
  19. Many people in Quebec want the province to become___________.
    an independent country
  20. A self governing nation (Canada) that accepts the British monarch as head of state
  21. What is a group of mountain ranges that run side by side?
  22. What is a rolling, inland grassy area with fertile soil
  23. Vast rolling, treeless plains in which only the top few inches of ground thaw in summer
  24. Name 4 mineral resources found in the Canadian Shield.
    iron ore, copper, nickel, and gold
  25. Define province
    A regional political division
  26. Who were the first people to live in Canada, before European settlers?
    Inuit and other Native North Americans
  27. What does Nanavut mean?
    "our land"
  28. Which province is the world's leading producer of newsprint?
    British Columbia
  29. What kind of economy does Canada have?
    Free market
  30. Of what religion are most Canadians?
    Roman Catholic or Protestant
  31. Who won control of Canada after the wars in the 1600s and 1700s
  32. In 1867, Britian united with the Canadian colonies to form what?
    The Dominion of Canada
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