Intro Culinary 1

  1. French term for a new style of cooking, developed mainly in the 1970's. Popular in France.
    Nouville Cuisine
  2. Chef who's sometimes known as the father of twentieth-century cooking and considered the greatest chef of his age. Simplified classical cuisine and menu, and reorganized kitchens with brigade systems.
  3. French chef who is considered the greatest chef of the early 19th century. Refined and organized cooking, and was also famous for creating elaborate display pieces and pastries.
  4. Varied set of scientific techniques used by avant-garde chefs, including the uses of non standard chemica and physical processes in cooking.
    Molecular Gastronomy
  5. Set of techniques for cooking vacuum packed foods at precise temperatures.
    Sous Vide
  6. Person in charge of kitchen.
  7. Larger establishments: manager in charge of all aspects of food production
    Executive Chef
  8. Assistant to executive chef and is directly in charge of production.
    Sous Chef
  9. In charge of particular areas of production.
    Station Chefs
  10. Prepares sauces, stews, and hot hors d'oeuvres. Also sautes foods to order.
  11. Prepares fish dishes.
  12. Prepares veggies, soups, starches, and eggs.
  13. Prepares roasted and braised meats and their gravies. Broils meats and other items to order.
  14. Responsible for cold foods including salads, dressings, pates, cold hors d'oeuvres, and buffet items.
    Garde Manager
  15. Prepares pastries and desserts.
  16. Replaces other station heads.
    Tournant (Relief Cook)
  17. Accepts orders from waiters and passes them onto cooks.
    Aboyeur or Expediter
  18. In charge of operations in small kitchens.
    Working Cooks
  19. Cooks who prepare or finish hot a la carte items during service.
    Line Cooks
  20. Preparations of foods that are quickly prepared to order are done by
    Short-Order Cook
  21. Special type of short order cooks trained in breakfast dishes.
    Breakfast Cooks
  22. Unwritten code o behavior and set of attitudes.
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