Greek I Chapter 19

  1. What are the 6 different Tenses in Greek?

    • 1 - Present
    • 2 - Imperfect
    • 3 - Future
    • 4 - 1st Aorist
    • 5 - 2nd Aorist
    • 6 - Perfect
  2. 1) The future tense indicates an action ocurring in what?


    2) what does it also generally represent?
    1) future time

    2) undefined aspect
  3. The future indicative occasionally used with what, as a command?
    Cohortative force
  4. The future tense is only found in what mood?
    Indicative Mood
  5. What is the future translation generally with?
    "shall" or "will"


    the present tense English verb
  6. What is used as a special sign of the tense in some tenses?
    Tense formative
  7. What is the future tense formative?
    the letter sigma
  8. The future tense formative is sigma. Where does it appear?
    between the tense stem and the thematic or connecting vowel
  9. When speaking of Tense Formative, what happens with contract verbs?
    - The contract vowel is lengthened before the tense formative

    - alpha
    and epsilon become eta

    - omicron become omega
  10. What is the Future Active Indicative Paradigm?
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  11. When a verb stem ends in a stop, certain changes take place when the stop joins with a sigma.

    What are the 3 square of stops?
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