Indicative Verb Tenses

  1. The Indicative Mood
    • Mood: The Speaker Is Certain Of Something
    • Use: To Indicate or Report Something / A "Fact"
  2. The Present Tense
    • Tense: Present
    • Time: The Specific NOW (at this moment)
    • The General NOW (these days / this time period)
    • Indicators: "now"; "these days"; "today"
  3. The Preterite Tense
    • Tense: Preterite
    • Time: Specific, Completed Past Actions
    • Indicators: Certain Time ("last night"; "yesterday at 4:00"; "last 4th of July)
    • Certain Number of Times
  4. The Imperfect Tense
    • Tense: Imperfect
    • Time: Nonspecific, Continuous Past Actions
    • Indicators: "used to"; "was + ___-ing"; "would"; "always"
  5. The Future Tense
    • Tense: Future
    • Time: A Future, Specific Action
    • Indicators: "will"
  6. The Conditional Tense
    • Tense: Conditional
    • Time: The Hypothetical Future
    • Indicators: "would" (..., "if / but")
  7. The Present Perfect Tense
    • Tense: Present Perfect
    • Time: The Recent Past
    • Past Actions That Are Still True
    • Indicators: "have" (ex: I have eaten); "has" (ex: she has eaten)
  8. The Past Perfect Tense
    • Tense: Past Perfect
    • Time: The Remote Past
    • Actions That Occurred Prior To A Specific Point In Time
    • Indicators: "had" (ex: I had traveled. We had studied)
  9. The Imperative Tense
    • Tense: The Imperative Tense
    • Time: The Present
    • Indicators: Any Command
  10. The Future Perfect Tense
    • Tense: Future Perfect
    • Time: The Completion Of Future Actions
    • Expresses Probability Or Conjecture
    • Indicators: "will have"
    • "has probably"; "must have"
  11. The Conditional Perfect Tense
    • Tense: Conditional Perfect
    • Time: An Uncompleted Action
    • Indicators: "would have (but didn't)"
  12. The Passive Voice
    (not a verb tense)
    • Voice: Incomplete Passive
    • Use: When There Is No Specific Agent Perfoming The Action
    • Indicators: (the understood) "you" / "they" / "one"; "(it) is done" (ex: You/One shouldn't swim after big meals. Spanish is spoken here.)
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