Science: Earth

  1. What is the atmosphere?
    All the layers of air.
  2. What is the hydrosphere?
    All things water. The oceans, lakes, rivers and ice.
  3. What is the geosphere?
    Solid rock and all the layered interior of the earth.
  4. What are the four main layers of the earth?
    Crust, Mantle, Outer Core and Inner Core.
  5. What is the crust?
    The crust is thin a solid. It varies in thickness from 50km to 5km at the sea floor.
  6. What is the mantle?
    The mantle is semi-liquid rock and is 2900km thick.
  7. What is the Outer Core?
    The Outer Core is a layer of liquid iron and nickel and is 2250km thick.
  8. What is the Inner Core?
    The inner core is solid iron and nickel. It 4500 degrees Celsius and is 1200km to the center.
  9. What is a plate?
    A plate is an area that includes both continental and oceanic crust.
  10. What is an earthquake?
    An earthquake is a seismic event that occurs around the margins of plates.
  11. What is oceanic crust?
    Type of crust that is produced at mid-oceanic ridges.
  12. What is a fault line?
    A fault line is an area where two plates are slipping sideways past each other.
  13. What is a convection current?
    A type of current caused by heated liquids and gases.
  14. What is a continent?
    A large mass of less dense crust which is above sea level.
  15. What is a geologist?
    A scientist who studies the processes that shape the earths crust.
  16. What is a transform fault?
    The plate boundary where plates are moving sideways past each other.
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