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  1. Cystic CNS structures:
    supratentorial � CPC, hydrocephalus, hydranencephaly, porencephaly, holoprosencephaly, arachnoid cyst, teratoma;
  2. Cystic CNS structures:
    posterior fossa � DW malformation, arachnoid cyst, mega cisterna magna;
  3. Cystic CNS structures:
    midline cysts � cavum septum pellucidum, dorsal cyst in ACC, vein of Galen AVM
  4. Hydrocephalus:
    • obstructive -
    • NTD (Chiari II), DW complex, aqueductal stenosis, ACC (colpocephaly);
  5. Hydrocephalus: nonobstructive �
    hemorrhage, infection
  6. Cystic head and/or neck masses:
    cystic hygroma, encephalocele, hemangioma, teratoma, branchial cleft cyst, thyroglossal duct cyst, nuchal cord
  7. Cystic back masses:
    NTD, cystic teratoma
  8. Hyperechoic brain mass:
    hemorrhage, teratoma, callosal lipoma
  9. Incomplete skull mineralization:
    OI, hypophosphatasia, achondrogenesis
  10. Skull deformities: lemon sign �
    normal, myelomeningocele, encephalocele;
  11. Skull deformities: cloverleaf skull �
    craniosynostosis, thanatophoric dwarf
  12. Kyphoscoliosis: isolated �
    hemivertebra, butterfly vertebra;
  13. Kyphoscoliosis: complex �
    VACTERL, limb-body wall complex, any skeletal dysplasia
  14. Cystic thoracic masses:
    CDH, CCAM (types 1,2), cysts (bronchogenic, duplication, pericardial), cystic hygroma
  15. Solid echogenic thoracic masses:
    CDH, CCAM (type 3), sequestration, tumors (teratoma, neurogenic tumors, cardiac rhabdomyoma)
  16. Pleural effusion: unilateral
    usu due to lung masses � CDH, CCAM, sequestration;
  17. Pleural effusion: bilateral �
    hydrops, lymphangiectasia;
  18. Pleural effusion: unilateral or bilateral �
    idiopathic, infection, chromosomal anomalies
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