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  1. Cystic lesions of liver:
    • common � simple cysts; uncommon � abscess, hematoma, cystic mets (ovarian, lung, sarcomas), biloma;
    • rare � aneurysm, AVF, adenoma, echinococcus, biliary cystadenoma
  2. Calcified hepatic masses:
    • large with or without mass � mets (colon most common, mucinous ovarian, breast, stomach), fibrolamellar HCC, old hematoma, old abscess;
    • small without mass � granulomas, PCP, biliary stones
  3. Hepatic target lesions:
    • common � mets, HCC;
    • uncommon � lymphoma, adenoma, FNH, fungal microabscesses
  4. Diffuse hepatic inhomogeneity:
    • common � cirrhosis, mets (breast), fatty infiltration;
    • uncommon � HCC, hepatic fibrosis, lymphoma
  5. Homogeneous hyperechoic lesions:
    • common � hemangioma;
    • uncommon � mets, fatty infiltration, HCC; rare � adenoma, FNH
  6. GB masses:
    • common � polyps, adenomyomatosis, GB CA, tumefactive sludge;
    • uncommon � mets (melanoma), chronic cholecystitis
  7. GB wall thickening:
    • biliary �
    • cholecystitis, adenomyomatosis, CA, AIDS cholangiopathy, sclerosing cholangitis;
  8. GB wall thickening: nonbiliary �
    hepatitis, pancreatitis, CHF, hypoproteinemia, cirrhosis, portal HTN, lymphatic obstruction
  9. GB fossa shadowing:
    stone-filled GB, porcelain GB, emphysematous cholecystitis
  10. Intrahepatic biliary ductal echogenic foci:
    pneumobilia, stones, calcified HA, PV gas
  11. Bile duct wall thickening:
    CBD stones, cholangio CA, sclerosing cholangitis, ascending cholangitis, pancreatitis, AIDS cholangiopathy, oriental cholangiohepatitis
  12. Porta hepatis cystic lesion:
    choledochal cyst, liver cyst, duodenal duplication cyst, omental or mesenteric cyst, pancreatic pseudocyst, R renal cyst, HA aneurysm
  13. DDx simple renal cyst:
    caliceal diverticula, aneurysm, pseudoaneurysm, AVM, papillary necrosis, obstructed upper pole duplication, lymphoma
  14. Renal cystic disease:
    ADPKD, acquired cystic disease, VHL, TS, MCDK
  15. Solid renal mass:
    RCC, AML, TCC, oncocytoma, lymphoma, mets
  16. Intraluminal mass in collecting system:
    TCC, blood clot, fungus ball, fibroepithelial polyp, malacoplakia, stone, sloughed papilla
  17. Complex cystic renal masses:
    hemorrhagic cyst, infected cyst, multiseptated cyst, abscess, hematoma, cystic RCC, multilocular cystic nephroma, cystic Wilm�s
  18. Urothelial thickening:
    pyelonephritis, ureteral calculi, relieved obstruction, transplant rejection, transplant ischemia, TCC
  19. Nephrocalcinosis:
    medullary sponge kidney, RTA, HPT, Lasix therapy in kids
  20. Renal parenchymal disease:
    GN, AIDS, amyloid, drugs, HTN, DM
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