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  1. Thickened hyperechoic endometrial stripe:
    • pregnancy related �
    • normal early IUP, ectopic, incomplete abortion, RPOC,, endometritis, molar pregnancy;
  2. Thickened hyperechoic endometrial stripe: postmenopausal �
    hyperplasia, polyps, CA, tamoxifen, HRT
  3. Hypoechoic structures in hyperechoic endometrium:
    • premenopausal �
    • molar pregnancy, RPOC, degenerated fibroid, degenerated placenta;
  4. Hypoechoic structures in hyperechoic endometrium: postmenopausal �
    hyperplasia, polyps, CA
  5. Fluid in endometrial cavity:
    • acquired (cervical stenosis) �
    • cervical CA, endometrial CA, endometritis, PID, radiation; pregnancy related � early IUP, pseudogestational sac, blighted ovum;
  6. Fluid in endometrial cavity: congenital �
    imperforate hymen, vaginal septum, vaginal atresia, rudimentary uterine horn
  7. Uterine enlargement or distortion:
    fibroids (#1), adenomyosis, pregnancy
  8. Uterine bleeding:
    endometrial atrophy, hyperplasia, polyps, CA, adenomyosis, submucosal fibroid
  9. Uterine and vaginal cystic masses:
    nabothian cyst, Gartner�s duct cyst, Bartholin cyst, hydrometrocolpos
  10. Shadowing in endometrial cavity:
    IUD, calcifications from fibroids or TB, gas
  11. Congenital uterine anomalies:
    septate, bicornuate, didelphys, arcuate, unicornuate, hypoplastic, in-utero DES exposure
  12. Cystic adnexal masses:
    follicle, CLC, PCO, OHS, theca lutein cyst (multiple gestation, mole, OHS), hemorrhagic cyst, endometrioma, dermoid, TOA, ectopic, CA, hydrosalpinx, paraovarian cyst
  13. Complex pelvic masses:
    • ovarian �
    • ectopic, TOA, endometrioma, hemorrhagic cyst, torsion, dermoid, CA; tubal � pyosalpinx;
  14. Complex pelvic masses: uterine �
    pedunculated fibroid, extruded IUD, CA;
  15. Complex pelvic masses: other �
    pelvic abscess, appendicitis, diverticulitis, hematoma, pelvic kidneys, iliac aneurysm
  16. Masses with homogeneous low-level echoes:
    TOA, endometrioma, hemorrhagic cyst
  17. Solid ovarian masses:
    fibroma, thecoma, endometrioma, germ cell tumor, CA, mets; mimics - pedunculated fibroid, lymphadenopathy
  18. Endometrial filling defect by HSG:
    submucosal fibroid, air bubble, endometrial polyp, blood clot, retained POC, IUP, synechiae
  19. Tubal filling defects by HSG:
    polyp, CA, tubal pregnancy, air bubble
  20. Tubal irregularity by HSG:
    SIN, tubal diverticula, endometriosis, post-op changes, TB
  21. Diverticula by HSG:
    • uterus � adenomyosis;
    • isthmus � SIN, TB
  22. Pseudokidney sign on US:
    IBD, tumor, intussusception, always exclude pelvic kidney
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