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  1. 1st trimester bleeding:
    normal IUP, abortion, ectopic, GTD, subchorionic hemorrhage
  2. SAB:
    TV 18mm MGSD without embryo, 13 mm MGSD without YS, 5 mm CRL without heart motion
  3. Empty GS:
    normal early IUP, blighted ovum, pseudogestational sac from ectopic
  4. Echogenic central cavity:
    decidual reaction, hemorrhage, RPOC
  5. Complex intrauterine mass:
    missed abortion, fetal demise, molar pregnancy, degenerated fibroid, endometrial CA
  6. High MSAFP:
    incorrect dates, multiple gestation, NTD, abd wall defect, GI obstruction, renal anomalies, fetal hepatitis, placental hemorrhage
  7. Low MSAFP:
    Downs, trisomy 18, incorrect dates, fetal death, not pregnant, hydatidiform mole
  8. Hydrops:
    immune; most nonimmune � cardiac tacharrhythmias or defect, idiopathic, chromosomal anomalies, twin-twin transfusion, anemias, infections
  9. Polyhydramnios:
    idiopathic; maternal � DM, HTN; fetal � NTD, proximal GI obstruction, chest masses, twin-twin transfusion, nonimmune hydrops, chromosomal anomalies, infection
  10. Oligohydramnios: DRIPPC �
    demise, renal anomalies, IUGR, PROM, post-dates, chromosomal anomalies
  11. Placentomegaly:
    >4cm thick; hydrops, maternal DM, maternal anemia, TORCH, intraplacental hematoma
  12. Small placenta:
    maternal HTN, toxemia, severe DM, IUGR
  13. Abnormal placental echotexture:
    partial mole, hydropic placenta, hemorrhage or abruption, common but insignificant findings (venous lakes, infarcts), chorioangioma
  14. Umbilical cord abnormalities:
    solitary umbilical artery - trisomy 13, 18, structural anomalies; enlarged umbilical cord � edema, hematoma, cysts, mucoid degeneration of Wharton�s jelly; other � knots, varices, straight cord, nuchal cord, vasa previa
  15. Abnormal LUS:
    cord prolapse (Trendelenburg and call OB), incompetent cervix, placenta previa, cerclage, low fibroid
  16. 3rd trimester bleeding:
    placenta previa, abruption, cervical lesions, idiopathic
  17. Masses during pregnancy:
    • uterus � fibroid, focal contraction, GTD, hemorrhage;
    • adnexal � CLC, dermoid, theca lutein cysts, other ovarian neoplasms;
    • other � PID, appendiceal abscess
  18. Fetal death:
    no fetal heartbeat, absent fetal movement, overlapping skull bones (Spalding�s sign), gross distortion of fetal anatomy (maceration), soft tissue edema
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