Science: Electricity

  1. What is an electric current?
    An electric current is a flow of electrons.
  2. What is required for an electric current to flow?
    For an electric current to flow, you require a: power source, conductor, appliance and occasionally a switch.
  3. What does a power source do?
    A power source supplies the power.
  4. What does a conductor do?
    A conductor carries the power. E.g. wires.
  5. What does an appliance do?
    An appliance converts the electricity to a useful form. E.g. a lightbulb.
  6. What does a switch do?
    A switch controls the supply of power.
  7. What measures current?
    An ammeter (A) measures current. This ammeter is wired into a circuit.
  8. How does an ammeter measure the current?
    The ammeter measures the current by counting the number of electrons that go pass it per second.
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