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  1. Absent stomach bubble:
    oligohydramnios, swallowing abnormality from CNS defect, EA, CDH, situs abnormality, trisomy 18
  2. Double bubble:
    assoc with polyhydramnios; duodenal atresia, annular pancreas, proximal jejunal atresia, gut duplication
  3. Dilated bowel:
    atresia, stenosis, volvulus, meconium ileus, enteric duplication, Hirschsprung�s; proximal obstructions usu assoc with polyhydramnios; distal obstructions usu assoc with normal amniotic fluid
  4. Echogenic bowel:
    as bright as bone; normal variant in 2nd trimester, CF (common), Downs, IUGR, CMV, small bowel atresia or volvulus, swallowed blood in amniotic fluid
  5. Abdominal calcification:
    meconium peritonitis (most common), meconium ileus, atresias, volvulus, renal, liver TORCH, neuroblastoma, teratoma, fetal gallstones
  6. Hydronephrosis:
    UPJ (#1), UVJ, duplex collecting system, BOO (PUV, prune belly)
  7. Common renal anomalies:
    agenesis, ectopic kidney, hydronephrosis, ARKD, MCDK
  8. Cystic abdominal structures:
    hydronephrosis, fluid-filled dilated bowel, ascites, meconium pseudocyst, cysts (mesenteric, urachal, duplication, ovarian, choledochal)
  9. Liver:
    calcification � TORCH; cysts � simple, polycystic dz, choledochal cyst, Caroli�s, hamartoma; masses � teratoma, hepatoblastoma, hemangioma, hemangioendothelioma, hamartoma
  10. Splenomegaly:
    immune hydrops, PROM, TORCH
  11. Ascites:
    hydrops, meconium peritonitis, urine ascites, infection, pseudoascites
  12. Anterior wall defects (mid, lat, infra):
    • midline - omphalocele;
    • lateral - gastroschisis, amniotic band syndrome;
    • infraumbilical - bladder or cloacal exstrophy
  13. Sacral region anomalies:
    teratoma, meningocele, duplication cyst, caudal regression syndrome
  14. Fractures:
    OI, hypophosphatasia
  15. Polydactyly:
    familial, trisomy 18, 13, Meckel-Gruber syndrome, chondroectodermal dysplasia
  16. Clubfoot:
    idiopathic, trisomy 18, amniotic band syndrome, meningocele
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