Unit 1

  1. Expressed power
    Powers directly stated in the constitution
  2. Implied power
    Powers that government requires to carry out the expressed constututional powers
  3. Autocracy
    A system of government in which the power to rule is in the hands of a single individual
  4. Elastic clause
    Gives congress the right to make all laws "necessary and proper"
  5. Popular sovereignty
    Rule by the people
  6. Concurrent power
    Powers that both the national government and state have
  7. Eminent domain
    Power of government to take private property for public use
  8. Checks and balances
    System where each branch has some control over the others
  9. Oligarchy
    System of government in which a small group holds power
  10. Veto
    Rejection of a bill
  11. State
    A political community that occupies a definite territory and has an orginized government with the power to make and enforce laws without approval from any higher authority
  12. Separation of powers
    The division of power amond the legislative, executive, and judicial branches of government
  13. Reserved powers
    Power that belongs strictly to the states
  14. Ratify
    To approve
  15. Nation
    A group of people united by bonds of race, language, custom, tradition, and, sometimes, religion
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