Quiz 4

  1. What is the frats initiation fee and what does it cover?
    • $60
    • A recognition pin, member certificate, subscription to the diary, other services and benefits
  2. What are the pledge fees and what do they cover?
    • $39
    • Pledge manual and fraternal examination
  3. What are the membership dues and what do they cover?
    • $45/semester
    • Subscription to the Diary, some expenses related to regional and fraternity conferences, general administration of the fraternity and various services rendered to members and chapters
  4. What is the frat's website?
  5. When was the AKPsi foundation formed?
  6. What is the frat's IRS designation?
  7. What is the mission of the foundation?
    Providing resources or enhancing the educational experiences of future business leaders.
  8. What are 3 programs sponsored by the foundation?
    • 1. The Academy
    • 2. College of leadership and success institutes
    • 3. All AKPsi academic team
  9. Foundation Chairman?
    Richard McVay
  10. What does B.L.U.E mean?
    • Brotherhood
    • Leaderhship
    • Unity
    • Education
  11. What is the name the annual giving program for student members and what is the yearly minimum contribution?
    • The Yellow Rose Society
    • $10
  12. During each school year, how many initiations is your chapter required to hold?
    2 per year
  13. How many meetings or required events can a student member miss unexcused per semester (quarter) before they are subject to suspension from the chapter?
    • 2 per quarter
    • 3 per semester
  14. What are five of the 13 duties of members of Alpha Kappa Psi?
    • 1. Attendance at every chapter meeting and function
    • 2. Assist other members in their tasks
    • 3. Meet financial obligations promptly
    • 4. Prepare for professional and business success
    • 5. Make every effort to maintain at least a "B" average
  15. What is the purpose of the academy?
    To make even the best of Alpha Kappa Psi more impactful, value based leaders
  16. Who are the pledge class officers?
    • VP Social- Mary Halbur
    • VP Finance- Adi Sehic
    • VP of Service- Andy Larocco
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