Head and neck anatomy

  1. innervates muscles of facial expression; passes through parotid gland, but does not innervate it
    facial nerve
  2. chorda tympani is a branch of the _____________nerve, and innervates the_______________ and __________________
    • facial
    • sublingual
    • submandibular salivary glands
  3. usually caused by a stroke or injury to the nerve. You can injure the facial nerve during the IA injection if administered incorrectly, but condition is usually only transient in that case
    facial paralysis
  4. idiopathic facial paralysis. abrupt onset, and can be permanent
    bell's palsy
  5. excrutiating short term pain caused by touching trigger zones, which vary, but can include areas around the eye and ala of nose, treated by killing the nerve
    trigeminal neuralgia (tric doubureux)
  6. inferior alveolar nerve may be ______________ and you can tell this when you look at radiographs and see ___________________.
    • bifid
    • 2 mandibular canals
  7. nerve that is just distal of 3rd molars and can be endangered during extractions
    lingual nerve
  8. can cross over to the other side of the mandible and therefore make anesthesia difficult to achieve
    incisive nerve
  9. What nerve do we want to numb when giving the mental nerve shot?
    incisive nerve
  10. when giving the IA shot, where do we aim?
    • for the mandibular foramen
    • hit needle across opposite premolars
  11. what shot do we give right away after the IA shot?
  12. name all the nerves that break off of the otic ganglion and innervate the muscles of mastication
    • medial pterygoid nerve
    • posterior deep temporal nerve
    • tensor veli palatini nerve
    • lateral pterygoid nerve
    • anterior deep temporal nerve
    • tensor tympani nerve
    • masseter nerve
  13. What does the tensor veli palatini nerve innervate?
    soft palate
  14. What does the tensor tympani nerve innervate?
    inner ear
  15. The meningeal nerve branches before it exits the___________
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