Vocab Sem 1.

  1. vernacular:
    everyday language
  2. standard:
    conforming to establish usage
  3. pidgin:
    simple speech from combined languages
  4. semantics:
    the study of word meanings
  5. jargon:
    specialized words of profession or trade
  6. archaic:
  7. denotation:
    a specific meaning of a word
  8. idiom:
    a nonliteral expression
  9. connotation:
    the suggested meaning of aword
  10. argot:
    informal expressions of a particular group
  11. epicure:
    a person with fine taste in food
  12. Sisyphean:
    requiring endless, useless effort
  13. solecism:
    improper language
  14. atlas:
    a book of maps
  15. jovial:
  16. Pyrrhic victory:
    a very costly success
  17. nemesis:
    an opponent or a force that can't be conquered
  18. quixotic:
    seeking an unrealistic goal
  19. saturnine:
  20. galvanize:
    to spur to action
  21. myopia:
  22. behold:
    to look upon
  23. gape:
    to stare in amazement
  24. premonition:
    an advance warning
  25. envision:
    to imagine or picture
  26. impressionistic:
    based on personal response
  27. foresee:
    to know in advance
  28. discernment:
    skill in perceiving
  29. subliminal:
  30. perceptive:
    sensitive and aware
  31. scuttle:
    to run with short, hurried steps
  32. obstruction:
    something that gets in the way
  33. cessation:
    a halt
  34. preclude:
    to make impossible
  35. subside:
    to become less active
  36. commence:
    to begin
  37. hamper:
    to limit the progress of
  38. thwart:
    to prevent from happening
  39. procrastinate:
    to put off doing
  40. deter:
    to discourage from acting
  41. indisputable:
    beyond doubt
  42. red herring:
    something that draws attention away
  43. substantiate:
    to support with evidence
  44. dupe:
    to fool someone
  45. fallacy:
    a false belief
  46. infer:
    to draw a conclusion
  47. apologist:
    a person who defends an idea
  48. dissuade:
    to discourage someone
  49. refute:
    to prove wrong
  50. imply:
    to suggest indirectly
  51. reproach:
    to criticize
  52. quibble:
    to argue over unimportant things
  53. eulogy:
    a spoken or written tribute
  54. adulation:
    excessive praise
  55. laudable:
    worthy of praise
  56. critique:
    a detailed review
  57. anathema:
    a hated person or thing
  58. homage:
    respect shown publicly
  59. commend:
    to give approval
  60. accolade:
    an award
  61. bland:
    not spicy
  62. pungent:
    having a sharp smell
  63. devour:
    to eat greedily
  64. quaff:
    to drink heartily
  65. culinary:
    relating to cooking
  66. ravenous:
    very hungry
  67. cutlery:
  68. morsel:
    a small piece of food
  69. simmer:
    to cook slowly
  70. savory:
  71. pugnacious:
    eager to fight
  72. eradication:
    pulling up by the roots
  73. stagnant:
    still and foul
  74. havoc:
    chaos; destruction
  75. blight:
    something that causes harm or ruin
  76. mar:
    to damage, ruin, or spoil
  77. cataclysm:
    a violent upheaval
  78. obliterate:
    to wipe out
  79. generate:
    to bring into being; to create
  80. novice:
    a beginner
  81. initiative:
    the ability to startsomething
  82. incipient:
    just starting to exist
  83. embark:
    to board a ship
  84. overture:
    introductory music
  85. innovation:
    something new
  86. debut:
    a first appearance
  87. broach:
    to bring up a subject
  88. convene:
    to meet or come together formally
  89. reputable:
    trustworthy or honorable
  90. overt:
    open; not hidden
  91. veracity:
    accuracy or truthfulness
  92. duplicity:
    deliberate deception
  93. devious:
    meant to trick; shifty
  94. guile:
    sly intelligence
  95. fictitious:
    imaginary or fake
  96. gullible:
    easy to deceive
  97. masquerade:
    to put on a false appearance
  98. hypocritical:
    saying one thing but doing the opposite
  99. virtuoso:
    a master artist
  100. astute:
    clever; cunning
  101. adept:
    highly skilled
  102. painstaking:
    demanding; requiring great care
  103. prodigy:
    a person with exceptional talents
  104. finesse:
    to handle with skill
  105. aptitude:
    an ability; talent
  106. acme:
    the highest point
  107. resourceful:
    practical; good at solving problems
  108. precocious:
    advanced; showing early maturity
  109. quaint:
    charming and old-fashioned
  110. idiosyncrasy:
    an unusual habit
  111. singular:
    one of a kind
  112. prevalent:
    widely accepted
  113. innocuous:
  114. trite:
    overused and uninteresting
  115. prosaic:
  116. obtrusive:
    unpleasantly bold
  117. rarity:
    something scarce
  118. orthodox:
    following established beliefs
  119. mediocre:
    moderate to inferior in quality
  120. validate:
    to confirm the truth of
  121. dexterity:
  122. criterion:
    standard of judgement
  123. meritorious:
    worthy of praise
  124. legitimate:
  125. truism:
    an overused saying
  126. candid:
  127. appraisal:
    evaluation of worth
  128. base:
  129. utterance:
    something said
  130. prattle:
    to chatter
  131. discourse:
    a formal speech
  132. raconteur:
    a skilled storyteller
  133. literate:
    educated; knowledgeable
  134. verbose:
    too wordy
  135. sophistry:
    cleverly misleading arguments
  136. cogent:
    logical; convincing
  137. falter:
    to hesitate
  138. circumlocution:
    indirect language
  139. renegade:
    a rebel
  140. peon:
    a low-level worker
  141. hacienda:
    a large estate
  142. bravado:
    boastful bravery
  143. incommunicado:
    without means ofcommunication
  144. peccadillo:
    a small fault
  145. aficionado:
    an enthusiastic fan
  146. flotilla:
    a small fleet
  147. junta:
    a group of rulers
  148. embargo:
    an order preventing trade
  149. gargantuan:
  150. negligible:
  151. pittance:
    inadequate wage
  152. breadth:
    wide range
  153. inordinate:
    exceeding reasonable limits
  154. copious:
  155. paucity:
  156. proliferate:
    to spread quickly
  157. innumerable:
    too many to count
  158. appreciable:
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