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  1. Describe some stuff about Robert Morris
    • Image Upload 1
    • Known for Scatter art, industioanl cuttings not specifically placed and extreme form of anti form and process
  2. Image Upload 2
    Eva Hesse Untitled Rope Piece. Rope, Latex responsive to time
  3. Seriality, Rope, Latex, responsive to time. Please connect this to a mental image and artist
    Eva Hesse, all of her pieces were untitled so it makes it so hard to find shit. Just remember. It had seriality like minimalism but is organic like post minimalism.
  4. Image Upload 3
    Once upon a time, Richard Serra made a wall and put it in NY. It attracted graffiti and everyone just hated itt. They tore it down and he said it should have stayed because it was site specific.

    • .But it clearly wasn't.
    • It was called Tilted Arc and it looked like this. Made corten steel.
  5. Bruce Nauman worked in what?
    worked in Neon..thats all you need to know
  6. Earth Art. Describe it
    • Site Specific
    • Typically you cant move it because it's generally huge and needs crews to work on it.
    • Time based..sometimes reacts to its natural surroundings in the terms of decay, submersion it water, erosion etc.
    • A direction in post minimalistic and and relies heavily on documentation rather than gallery settings.
  7. Image Upload 4
    Robert Smithson, Non sites that included documentation, photographs, maps,
  8. Image Upload 5
    Sprial Jetty Earth Art Robert Smithson
  9. michael haister
    displaced replaced mass. a reversal of geological time. Work tends to be highly conceptual
  10. Image Upload 6
    Double Negative Michael Haiser Double Negative Earth Art
  11. Image Upload 7
    Walter De Maria Lightning Field Metal Poles
  12. Image Upload 8
    richard long earth art
  13. Conceptual Art
    Art in which the object is dematerialized. concept over powers form.
  14. Sol Lewitt and his connection to conceptual art.
    Once a minimalist but the first to formally define conceptual art.
  15. Image Upload 9
    One and Three Chairs by Joseph Kosuth. Chair, Photograph, Text. This is conceptual.
  16. Image Upload 10
    On Kuwara Date Paintings Conceptual Art Paints a date the day he paints it. I assume acrylics or something.
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