Freud's Psychosexual Stages of Development

  1. Oral (Child Stage)
    (1 Year), Mouth, Weaning, oral gratification from sucking ,eating biting
  2. Oral (Adult Stage)
    (1 Year), Mouth, optimism, gullibility, dependency, pessimism, passivity, hostility, sarcasm, aggression
  3. Anal (Child Stage)
    (1-3 Years), Anus, Toilet Training, gratification from expelling and withholding feces.
  4. Anal (Adult Stage)
    (1-3 Years), Anus, excessive cleanliness, orderliness, stinginess, messiness, rebelliousness, destructiveness.
  5. Phallic (Child Stage)
    (3-5 or 6 Years), Genitals, Oedipal Conflict, sexual curiosity, masturbation
  6. Phallic (Adult Stage)
    (3-5 or 6 Years), Genitals, flirtatiousness, vanity, promiscuity, pride, chasity
  7. Latency (Child Stage Only)
    (5 or 6 Years to Puberty), No Part of Body, Period of Sexual Calm, interest in school, hobbies, same-sex friends
  8. Genital (Child Stage Only)
    (From Puberty On), Genitals, Revival of Sexual Interests, establishment of mature sexual relationships
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Freud's Psychosexual Stages of Development
A list of Stages of development according to Freud as well as conflicts/experiences found in childhood and adulthood.