Defense Mechanisms

  1. Regression
    Revertion to a behavior that might have reduced anxiety at an earlier stage of development.
  2. Rationalization
    Supplying a logical, rational, or socially acceptable reason rather than the real reason for an action or event.
  3. Denial
    Refusing to acknowledge consciously the existence of danger or a threatening situation.
  4. Projection
    Attributing one's own undesirable triats, thoughts, behavior, or impulses to another person.
  5. Repression
    Involuntary removing an unpleasant memory, thought, or preception from consciousness.
  6. Reaction Fromation
    Expressing exaggerated ideas and emotions that are the opposite of disturbing, unconscious impulses and desires.
  7. Displacement
    Substituting a less threatening object for the original object of sexual or aggressive impulse.
  8. Sublimation
    Rechanneling sexual and aggressive energy into pursuits or accomplishments that society considers acceptable or even admirable.
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Defense Mechanisms
Various Defense Mechanisms utilized by the Ego to rationalize the ID