speech 3050

  1. what are 3 expectations of professors which affect politics of research?
    • publish or perish
    • tenure and promotion
    • grant money
  2. know some of the unethical historical experiments we discussed in class
    • tuskegee syphilis study
    • injecting elderly patients with cancer
    • milgrams obedience study
    • stanford prison experiment
  3. what is IRB
    • international review board, they are expected to
    • ensure researchers have considered risks and benefits
    • knowledge can be derived from the project
    • legally informed consent is obtained by participants
    • rights and interests of subjects are protected
  4. what is informed consent
    participants know —purpose, procedures, risks, benefits, voluntary, participation/ability to withdraw, confidentiality, contact persons, copy of consent form, debriefing after research
  5. what is debriefing
    discussing the results after a study
  6. anonymity vs confidentiality
    • anonymity: no one knows who you are
    • confidentiality: researchers will not disclose who you are
  7. how should you treat your participants
  8. what are some of the ethical guidelines involving research findings
    • provide people being studied with free choice
    • protect right to privacy
    • benefit, do not harm them
    • treat people with respect
  9. what are the basics of an experiment
    —Assess causal effects of IVs on DVs

    • —Systematic investigations:
    • Tightly Controlled
    • People are exposed to ONLY the IV
    • Effects of IV on DV are observed
  10. universal vs statistical laws
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