Anatomy of a cat

  1. What muscle is located in the abdominal region, on either side of the linea alba. It forms a broad, flat sheet. The fibers pass in an anterodorsal direction.
    External Oblique
  2. What muscle is located immediately beneathe the external oblique. A thin muscular sheet, its fibers are arranged almost at right angles to those of the external oblique.
    Internal Oblique
  3. What muscle lies within a sheath formed by the aponeuroses of the two oblique and the transverse abdominal muscles. Consisting of two longitudinally directed halves separated by the linea alba. Extenting from the costal cartilage of the first rib to the pubis.
    Rectus abdominis
  4. What muscle lies beneath the internal oblique. The fibers run in a transverse direction over the entire abdominal region.
    Transverse Abdominis
  5. The most superficial muscle in the pectoralis group is the
  6. What muscle lies immediately above and caudad the pectoantibrachialis, and is composed of superficial and deep portions.
    Pectoralis Major
  7. What muscle lies just posterior to the pectoralis major, from which it is indistinctly separated.
    Pectoralis Minor
  8. What muscle is situated just posterior to the pectoralis minor, of which it is sometimes considered to be a part. A narrow muscle.
  9. What muscle is a Posterior continuation of the clavotrapezius.
  10. Dorsolaterad the sternomastoid and pectoantibrachialis are two muscles which appear to be continuous. The more anterior of the two is the ______________. It is a wide muscle convering most of the lateral portion of the neck.
  11. What muscle is located just medial to the masseter on the ventral surface of the lower jaw.
  12. What muscle can be located by cutting the mylohyoids at their insertion and drawing back the cut edges to expose it.
  13. What muscle is located at the angle of each jaw, posteroventrad the eye and below the temporal muscle. It is the chief muscle used in mastication.
  14. The thin superficial muscle, lying between the digastric and the midventral raphe on each side. Its fibers run in a transverse direction.
  15. Dorsal to the sternomastoid and coursing longitudinally on either side of the midventral line.
  16. What muscle is located immediately craniad the pectoantibrachialis and dorsal to the external jugular vein.
  17. A small muscle with longitudinally directed fibers. Lies dorsal to the sternohyoid on each side of the trachea
  18. A short, narrow muscle, is located on either side of the larynz anterior to the sternothyroid.
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