Ch 7 and 8

  1. What is definition of an interest group
    private organization that tries to shape public policy
  2. T/F In a free societ diverse interests usually take organizational forms
  3. The term James Madison used for groups that try to advance their own interests at the expense of public good is
  4. What following is not true?
    Ppublic interests include business, agricutlure, labor, and the professions
  5. interest groups are sometimes called
    pressure groups
  6. What type of interest group is the League of Latin Citizens
    advocacy group
  7. what enables smaller professional groups such as AMA and ADA to wield great power in Washington
    prominent positions of its members in teh community and their ability to make large campaign contributions
  8. which group no longer endorses particular canidates who are running for office because it is risky for the group if other canidate wins?
    inspite of risks, gropus still make endorsements
  9. an interest group that tries to gain advantages or protectiosnfor its own members, predomianntly economic group is called
    private interest association
  10. what is the former occupation of many of the most successful lobbyists?
    former members of government
  11. approriate money for specific purpose usually at behest of a lobbyist is known as
    ear marking
  12. all of these ways of mobilizing itnerest group members EXCEPT
    having lobbists "buttonhole" a member of Congress
  13. what is one of central features of new style lobbying
    education public on issue that are important to interest group
  14. which of the following statements best describes the "outside game"
    interest group activity in which public support is identified, created, mobilized, and brought to bear on policy makers in government
  15. due to make up of contributors and members of advocacy groups, which is NOT a focus of most of their lobbying
    income equality
  16. why is the grading of Congress by interest groups considered accurate?
    even though scores differ between groups, each interest group doing the scoring is clear about what it stands for
  17. who is allowed to create political action committees
    all of the above
  18. why did PACs decline in scale in early 2000s
    due to increase of the use of soft money
  19. what was once used in support party building but now is banned?
    soft money
  20. what is purpose of McCain Feingold bill?
    puts limits on use of soft money
  21. in what way are the largest corporations NOT ahead of their competitors in terms of their ability to shape public policy?
    they are never affected by scandals or economic downturns
  22. Corporations ae most powerful when
    they build alliances among themselves
  23. What was the result of passage of the Lobby Disclosure Act of 1995
    a wider than before group of political actors were requried to register as lobbyists and had to report every 6 months on which policies they were trying to influence and hwo much money they were spending
  24. T/F Coporations have priveleged positions in American poltiics in spite of Americans' general distrust and dislike of private enterprise
  25. T/F Very few members of drug industry's registered lobbyists are former members of Congress, former congressional staffers, or former employees of the executive branch
  26. Even though Seneca Falls Declaration was one of the most eloquent statements on women's equality, why did most women believe that its goals would have to wait?
    a more important to focus efforts on ending slavery than on women's rights
  27. What is definition of a social movement?
    loosely organized collections of people/groups who act outside of established institutions promote or resist socail change
  28. Which of the following statements do NOT apply to social movements?
    All above are true
  29. T/F 14th Amendment guaranteed the right to vote for blacks and women
  30. National Organization for Women is an example of
    social movement are creating an interest group
  31. Which form of social distress spurred the Populist movement in the late 19th century?
    great economic reverses for American farmers
  32. Which social movement, appearing in 1999 is concerned with income inequality in the US and 3rd World countries, food safety, labor rights, and unfair trade?
    antiglobalization movement
  33. T/F Religious fundamentalist movements have occurred at several different moments in American history
  34. Sometimes it takes social movement to overcome the anti majoritarian aspects of our constiutional system
  35. Because they overcome political equality, encourage participation, fashion new majoraties, and overcame gridlock, social movements
    help make American politics more democratic
  36. mass mobilization has been a particularly useful poltical tool for which group
    those who don't have access to power within the political system
  37. The women's movement was able to build on a broad network of meetings to talk about common problems, commonly known as
    consciouness-raising groups
  38. Social movements develop when
    all of the above
  39. Which of these movements has NOT been particulary successful in achievingn its aims
    anti Iraq war movement
  40. A sense of political efficacy
    all of the above
  41. T/F People who are safe, prosperous, and respected often have need for social movements
  42. T/F Many of the social reforms of which Americans are most proud have been less the result of 'normal' politics than of social movements started by determined and often disruptive minorities
  43. Social strain and distress are almost always present in society, but social movements ony seem to occur when aggrieved group has the resources sufficient to organize those who are suffering strain and distress
  44. T/F The Stonewall Rebellion was the catalyst for the Gay and Lesbian rights movement
  45. The 1960 sit in lunch counter in Greensboro, North Carolina is an example of what kind of protest tactic
    civil disobedience
  46. which of these is an examle of low impact social movement
    poor people's movement
  47. In which level of the analytic framework of Bill Clinton's inability to deliver on his promise to drop restrictionson gays and lesbians in the military would you find his announcement that he would institute a 'don't ask don't tell' policy for gays and lesbians in military?
    governmental action level
  48. The success of the civil rights movement has been measured most importantly in temrs of
    All of the above
  49. What was the main group behind the blocking of the Equal Rights Amendment?
    Christian conservatives
  50. Which of these statements supports the idea that social movements make American poltiics more democratic?
    social movements represent a way by which political outsiders and the politically powerless can become players in the political game
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