1. From which city did the Spanish leaders govern most of the colonies in New Spain (p. 157)
    Mexico City
  2. What did Spain build in the borderlands of New Spain to convert the American Indians to Christianity?
  3. What changed the life for many American Indians after the arrival of the Spanish?
  4. Define legislature
    A lawmaking branch of government
  5. What was founded on a river near Chesapeake Bay?
    The town of Jamestown
  6. What is an example of a primary source (such as John Smith's Book)?
    A Description of New England
  7. One advantage of the Pilgrims building their settlement on a bay was that the location provided a _____________ near the Atlantic Ocean
  8. How did Tisquantum help the first colonists in New England?
    He taught them how to fish and farm
  9. In which present-day states did the Dutch establish New Netherland?
    New York and New Jersey
  10. Which part of North America did La Salle claim for France in 1684?
    The Mississippi River
  11. Which order did the following occur (number from 1 to 5 where 1 is earliest event)
    ____ The Virginia Company establishes Jamestown
    ____ Pedro Menendez de Aviles establishes St. Augustine
    ____ The Dutch establish New Amsterdam
    ____ Samuel de Champlain establishes Quebec
    ____ William Bradform and the Pilgrims establish Plymouth
    • 2, 1, 5, 3, 4
    • Pedro establishes St. Augustine
    • then Virginia Company does Jamestown
    • then Quebec established by Champlain
    • then pilgrims establish Plymouth
    • then Dutch establish New Amsterdam
  12. How did missionaries affect American Indians in New Spain?
    • taught them Christianity
    • taught them european ways of living and working, Missionaries introduced them to horses
    • and sheep, cattle, and new crops. Some forced American Indians to work on mission farms
    • and ranches which often led to conflict.
  13. What were disadvantages of jamestown location?
    • Jamestown was located on low, swampy land which had disease carrying misquitos and
    • unhealthy drinking water. It was in an area where many American Indians already lived and hunted.
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