Rockin' Words 240-279

  1. abrupt

    unexpected, sudden
  2. career
    profession or occupation (A career is teaching.)
  3. rural
    involving life in the countryside
  4. culture
    the customs, arts, and way of life of a people
  5. analyze
    break apart
  6. dungeon
    an underground prison
  7. gravy
    a sauce for meat or potatoes
  8. expert
    a person with special skill or knowledge of a subject
  9. immune
    to be protected from a disease
  10. identical
    being the same, alike
  11. rumor
    a statement or story that is being told but has not been proven true
  12. sensitive
    easily hurt
  13. skeleton
    boney framework of a person or animal
  14. zoology
    a branch of science dealing with animals and animal life
  15. advance
    to move ahead; to move forward
  16. salary
    a fixed amount of money paid at regular times for work done
  17. siren
    a warning device indicating an emergency
  18. fatigued
  19. veto
    to try to keep a bill from becoming a law
  20. evaluate
    to judge
  21. election
    selecting or being selected by vote
  22. governor
    a person who governs and is the head of a state
  23. mayor
    an official selected to be head of a city
  24. agriculture
    producing crops and raising livestock
  25. accelerate
    to increase in speed
  26. evacuate
    to quickly leave a dangerous place
  27. gloat
    to express greatness about yourself; to brag
  28. secrets
    hidden from others' knowledge
  29. nudge
    to touch or push gently, especially in trying to get one's attention
  30. retain
    to keep in one's possession
  31. precious
    very valuable; greatly loved
  32. safely
    to do something in a manner that is free from harm
  33. bruise
    injury where skin is not broken, often turns black or blue
  34. delay
    make something wait; to put off, to stop or prevent for a time
  35. precipitation
    water that falls to the Earth as rain, snow, sleet or hail
  36. product
    answer to a multiplication problem, something produced by a manufacturer
  37. possession
    the act of possessing or owning something
  38. thesaurus
    book containing synonyms and antonyms, arranged in alphabetical order
  39. common
    occurring or appearing frequently
  40. courage
    the ability to face danger bravely
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