head and neck

  1. what nerve innervates the dura of the brain?
    meningeal nerve
  2. which nerve innervates the soft palate?
    tensor veli palatini nerve
  3. what does the tensor tympani nerve innervate?
    inner ear muscle
  4. which nerve innervates the skin of the cheek and the buccal gingiva of mandibular teeth?
    long buccal nerve
  5. what does the lingual nerve innervate?
    • body of the tongue
    • floor of the mouth
    • lingual gingiva of mandibular teeth
  6. what does the incisive nerve innervate?
    • mandibular anterior teeth
    • mandibular premolars
  7. what does the mental nerve innervate
    chin and lower lip
  8. what nerve innervates the mandibular teeth?
    inferior alveolar nerve
  9. what does the mylohyoid nerve innervate?
    • mylohyoid muscle
    • digastric muscle
  10. what nerve innervates the external ear, scalp and parotid gland
    auriculotemporal nerve
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