head and neck

  1. what nerve innervates the eyeball?
    ciliary nerve
  2. what does the lacrimal nerve innervate?
    • lateral upper eyelid
    • conjunctiva
    • lacrimal gland
  3. what nerve innervates the forehead and anterior scalp?
    supraorbital nerve
  4. what does the supratrochlear nerve innervate?
    • bridge of the nose
    • medial upper eyelid
    • medial forehead
  5. what innervates the medial eyelid and the side of the nose?
    infrotrochlear nerve
  6. what innervates the nasal cavity and the paranasal sinuses?
    anterior ethmoidal nerve
  7. what does the external nasla nerve innervate?
    • skin of the nose-apex
    • skin of nose-ala
  8. what innervates the nasal cavity and the nasal septum?
    internal nasal nerve
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