head and neck

  1. _____ nerve innervates the muscles of _____ expression
    • facial
    • facial
  2. what gland does the facial nerve pass through, does it innervate it?
    • parotid gland
    • No
  3. what is the branch of the facial nerve called that innervates the sublingual and submandibular salivary glands?
    chorda tympani
  4. _____ _____ is usually caused by stroke or injury to the nerve
    facial paralysis
  5. how can you injury the facial nerve?
    incorrectly administering the IA (inferior alveolar)
  6. if the facial nerve is injured by an incorrect administration of anesthetic it is usually _______
  7. idiopathic facial paralysis with and abrupt onset and can be permanent
    bells palsy
  8. excruciating short term pain caused by touching trigger zones
    trigeminal neuralgia
  9. what is another name of trigeminal neuralgia
    tic doulourex
  10. what are some examples of the trigger zones for trigeminal neuralgia?
    • areas around the eye
    • ala of the nose
  11. how is trigemnial neuralgia treated?
    killing the nerve
  12. what are the 7 branches of the otic ganglion?
    • medial pterygoid nerve
    • lateral pterygoid nerve
    • masseteric nerve
    • posterior deep temporal nerve
    • anterior deep temportal nerve
    • tensor veli palatini nerve
    • tensor tympani nerve
  13. which nerve is just distal to 3rd molars and can be endangered during extractions?
    lingual nerve
  14. which shot is given outside the mandible?
    long buccal nerve
  15. which shot do you give and then push through the mental foramen with your finger?
    incisive nerve
  16. which nerve is on the inside of the mandible?
    inferior alveolar nerve
  17. which shot must you give and have the needle hit across the opposite premolars?
    inferior alveolar nerve
  18. the _____ _____ is wehre you give the IA injection
    mandibular foramen
  19. which nerve can be bifid and can be seen on the radiograph?
    inferior alveolar nerve
  20. what is seen on the radiograph when the IA is bifid?
    two mandibular canals
  21. which nerve can cross over to the other side of the jaw making anesthesia difficult?
    incisive nerve
  22. what must be done if the incisive nerve crosses over to both sides of jaw?
    must give injection on both sides
  23. when you give the IA injection what other injection can you also give?
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