PD Week 3 & 4 - definitions

  1. What is a communication channel?
    It is a scheme, which represents the communication between two or more people.
  2. What is the Gantt Chart?
    It is a graphical representation, which displays planned work targets for the achievement of a project in relation to time.
  3. What is a project definition?
    It is a report, which explains in details what the project is about and specifies all the requirements needed.
  4. What is a Project Specification?
    It is a document providing an overview of the project, which is written down to ensure that everyone within the project team has a clear comprehension of what the project is about.
  5. What is a Project Planning?
    It is a process,which plans all duties needed for the project and their duration through diverse tools or bar charts (such as Gantt chart to plan schedules).
  6. What is an Opportunity?
    It is a short straightforward statement (part of the project definition), which declares the reasons to start the project.
  7. What is a Project Goal?
    It is the particular outcome expected from the project accomplished through the objectives and tasks.
  8. What are Project Objectives?
    They are explicit sub-goals, which manage the project’s tasks.
  9. What does SMART mean?
    • It is an acronym, which stands for Specific, Measurable, Achievable, Realistic and Time-related.
    • It is an easy way to remember the characteristics of good project’s objectives.
  10. What is the Critical Path Analysis?
    It is a tool, which identifies slack and contingencies.
  11. What is the Gantt Chart?
    It is a graphical presentation, which displays the tasks of a project and their expected duration.
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