ISD Week 3 - definitions

  1. What is a Life-Cycle?
    It is a coherent sequence of duties to accomplish in order to achieve the project.
  2. What is a Project Definition?
    It is a report that explains in details what the project is about and specifies all the requirements needed.
  3. What does PID stand for?
    It stands for Project Initiation Document.
  4. What is a Project Initiation Document?
    It is an official detailed report signed and agreed with the client.
  5. What is the Feasibility Study?
    It is an analysis of the project’s viability that reveals obstacles such as lack of money or staffing issues.
  6. What is the Detailed Analysis?
    It is a more profound analysis than the feasibility study, which focuses more on the investigation of existing systems.
  7. What is the Logical Design?
    It is a report that describes the systems’ required functions.
  8. What is the Physical Design?
    It is the stage, which determines how the logical design will be constructed.
  9. What is the Implementation?
    It is the phase when the deliverable can be tested so imperfections can be rectified.
  10. What is the Maintenance?
    It is the delivery of the product.
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