BM1 Test questions

  1. A visual and operational inspection of a boat and its equipment
    Material Inspection
  2. When a small boats equipment, or any other item onboard does not meet standards.
  3. Coast Guard small boats that do not have a specific operators handbook.
    Non-Standard boat
  4. A list of all equipment and its location stored on a boat.
    Outfit list
  5. The ability of a boat to perform the functions and missions for which it was designed.
  6. Coast Guard small boats that have a specific operators handbook
    Standard boat
  7. A commanding officer or officer in charge of a unit with a standard or nonstandard boat assigned.
    Unit Commander
  8. Complete history of the repairs, transfers, and maintenance performed to the machinery or hull since the boat was put into service.
    Boat Record
  9. Shore based commands with boats attached shall maintain a seperate _______ ________ for each boat assigned.
    Boat Record
  10. Cutters with boats aboard incorporate their _____ __________ _____ a part of the _____________ ________ _______.
    Boat record file

    Machinery history file
  11. How many folders is the boat record maintained in?
  12. The six folders in a boat record in order are?
    • 1) Boat Record (CG-2580)
    • 2) Boat inspection report
    • 3) Casualty Report (CASREPs) and Casualty Correction Reports (CASCORs)
    • 4) Engineering changes pending
    • 5) Engineering changes completed
    • 6) Pending current ships maintenance plan (CSMP)
  13. How long are boat inspection reports kept for?
    3 years
  14. How long are CASREPs and CASCORs kept for?
    2 years
  15. How long are pending current ships maintenance plans kept for?
    3 years
  16. When are full power trials performed?
    Semiannually in accordance with PMS

    During formal material inspections

    During STAN team readiness and Standardization assesment
  17. Are unit commanders authorized to change or vary the type or location of equipment carried on board?
  18. Who can authorize design or structural alterations?
    Office of Naval Engineering, Commandant (CG-45)
  19. When should formal material inspections be conducted?
    During the RFO and STAN Team assesments.
  20. When shall unit commanders conduct material inspections?
    Once a month.
  21. What type of inspection validates whether or not your boat is fully operationally ready, is properly outfitted, has all equipment correctly located, has all equipment in good working order?
    Material Inspection
  22. What are the two types of material inspections?
    Formal and Unit
  23. How often are STAN assessments conducted?
    Every 2 years
  24. How many personnel are required for a material inspection?
    2, a BM and an MK
  25. What are the two purposes of the outfit list?
    To identify all of the equipment on board and to specify where they belong
  26. Where is the outfit list located for standard boats?
    Operators Handbook
  27. Where will you find the information you need to verify surface coatings?
    Coatings and colors manual and operators handbook (COMDTINST M10360.3)
  28. COMDTINST M10360.3
    Coatings and colors manual
  29. Where will you find the different types of discrepencies?
    Operators Handbook, COMDTINST M16114 (series)
  30. What are the four types of discrepancies?
    • Disabling casualty
    • Restrictive discrepancy
    • Major discrepancy
    • Minor discrepancy
  31. ________ ________ are those which make the boat not serviceable
    Disabling Casualty
  32. Operation command may authorize, __ _______, the movement of the boat for short distances under its own own power only to facilitate haul outs or corrective maintenance.
    In writing
  33. How long after a disabling casualty is discovered must it be reported to the operational commander and boat status message put out?
    No later than 12 hours.
  34. What needs to be done if disabling cannot be fixed within 48 hours?
    A casualty report (CASREP) shall be sent within 24 hours of discovery
  35. Where will you find casualty reporting procedures?
    COMDTINST M3501.3 (series)
  36. ___________ ____________ are those which restrict the operations of the boat such that it can perform some missions but not all missions safely.
    Restrictive discrepancies
  37. A _______ ______ is required in order to operate a boat with a restrictive discrepancy.
    Written waiver.
  38. Where shall boat waivers be maintained?
    As an annotation to part 3 of the boat record
  39. When does the operational commander need to be notified of a restrictive?
    If the discrepancy cannot be fixed within 1 hour
  40. _____ ___________ are those that degrade the effectiveness of the boat to perform one or more missions.
    Major discrepancy
  41. Does a minor discrepancy effect the operational readiness of a boat?
  42. Which boat status is when no disabling casualty or restrictive discrepancies were noted?
  43. Which boat status is when no disabling casualties were noted; however, one or more restrictive discrepancies exist, which have been waived by the operational commander for limited operations?
    Bravo restricted
  44. Which boat status is when the boat has one or more disabling casualties or the boat has restrictive discrepancies without waivers?
  45. CG-3022
    Boat inspection report
  46. Form CG-3022 shall be submitted for?
    Boats less than 65ft, except nonpowered boats

    All barges
  47. CG-3022 should be submitted at an interval not to exceed ______ between inspection.
    1 year.
  48. 3022s shall be submitted by the unit having custody of the boat via the chain of command to the MLC within __ ____ _____ __________ __ ___ _________.
    10 days after completion of the inspection.
  49. A special boat inspection is conducted when _ ____ __ ___________.
    a boat is transffered.
  50. Where can you find specific inspection methods?
    Naval Engineering Manual M9000.6
  51. On a 3022, who shall comment on all unsatisfactory items and list any other items deemed necessary, especially those requiring assistance from higher authority?
  52. How many copies of an inspection report should there be?
    • 3, original goes to the MLC
    • Unit retains a copy
    • one copy is forwarded to the area/district boat managers
  53. Who establishes due dates and frequency of submittal of boat inspection reports and the interval of inspection?
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