Polictal Beginning

  1. limited government
    every indinvidual has a certain right that the government cannot take away
  2. Magna Carta(1215)
    seeking protection against heavy- handed and abituray acts done by the king
  3. what did the Magna Carta guarntee
    fundamental rights as trial by jury and due process.
  4. What is the due process
    protection against the arbiturary of life,property, liberty
  5. Petition if Rights
    first document in English history to limit the kings powers. ex,taxes
  6. English Bill of Rights
    prohibtied a standing army in peace time, except with the concept of parliament
  7. Conneticut Compromise
    settled the dispute between the New Jersey plan and the VA plan
  8. what are royal coloines
    under the direct control of the king of England
  9. Charter colonies
    king excersied the least control
  10. what is a confederate
    a joining of several groups for a common purpose
  11. what was the purpose of the British boarde trade metting in albany
    to discuss the problems of colionial trade and the danger attacks by the French and Native American allies.
  12. what was the stamp act of 1765
    required the use of tax stamps on all legal documents
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