1. What is the government purpose?
    the institute that allows a society to make and enforce public polices.
  2. Functions of Government
    • Legislative laws- make laws
    • Executive- enforce laws
    • Judical- interpret laws
  3. sovereignty
    The state has power within its territory.
  4. Force of theory
    states that one peron or small group took control an area
  5. Evolutionary Theory
    argues that the state natuarlly evolved out of early family.
  6. Divine Theory
    holds that god created the state and that god gives those of royal birth divine rights
  7. social contract
    argues that the state arose out of a voulntary act of free people
  8. 6purposes of the government
    • 1.perfect union
    • 2.justice
    • 3.domestic tranquility
    • 4.common defense
    • 5.general welfare
    • blessing
  9. who is hobbes
    the first to talk about state of nature
  10. john locke
    social contract. people in the society come together and hold the authority
  11. democracy
    supreme political authority rest with the people
  12. direct democracy
    will of the people is translated into law directly into public policies
  13. dictatorship
    those who rule cannot be held responsible to the will of the people
  14. indirect democracy
    a small group of people chosen by the people to act as a representative
  15. oligarchy
    a government in which the power to rule is held by a elite
  16. unitary gov.
    has all powers held by a single central agency
  17. confederate government
    alliance of independent states
  18. federal govt.
    powers are divided between central government and local
  19. presidential government
    features a separation of powers between the executive and the legislative branches of gov
  20. who is the chief
    the president and is picked by the people, legislature
  21. parliamentary government
    the executive branch is made up of the prime minister and the officials cabinet
  22. who is the executive chosen by?
  23. American concept of democracy
    • 1.fundamental worth and dignity
    • 2.respect equality of all people
    • in minority n their rights
    • 4.necessity compromise
    • 5.individual freedom
  24. free enterprise system
    private ownership of capital gooods
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