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  1. what was the gilded age
    the period between reconstruction and the turn of the century
  2. what was Gilded Age politics like
    • ·Every body was out for themselves
    • ·A lot of corruption
    • ·Devoid of ideas or ideals
  3. were political parties weak or strong during the Gilded Age?
    ·Weak they produced no great leaders
  4. what determined which party people would join?
    ·Where you lived geographical
  5. who were the presidents of the gilded age
    • ·Grant
    • ·Rutherford B Hayes
    • ·Garfield
    • ·Chester A Arthur
    • ·Grover Cleveland
  6. what kind of leaders were the presidents during the Gilded Age?
    ·Most of them were reformers except Cleveland and Garfield
  7. what party did the presidents of the Gilded Age belong too?
  8. which president was assassinated?
    ·Garfield by Guiteau
  9. What were the three big issues of the Gilded Age?
    • Civil service Reform
    • Tariff = import taxes = eliminates
    • currency reform = creates paper money instead of gold and silver
  10. who were the populist
    • Farmers and large labor unions
    • the party for the working man
  11. what did the populist want
    • ·make the work day 8 hour rather than 10-12hour days
    • ·they wanted to pay the fed with income tax rather than Tariffs
    • ·they wanted the fed to nationalize railroads
    • ·farm subsidies used their power to bring up prices
  12. did the populist get what they wanted
    no not at that time
  13. how did the populist movement end
    • ·1896
    • ·William Jennings Bryan made a speech called the cross of gold speech
    • ·He tells the democrat that they have lost their souls he says that the populist is right and that is what the democrats should stand for this leads him to his nomination for president
    • ·The populist and democrats joined forces
    • ·Bryan runs against McKinley
    • ·Mckinley wins so the populist party dissolves
  14. who were the progressives
    • ·people who want change and reform
    • ·they were middle class people who were doing well in the new economy
    • ·lawyers, doctors, and small business owners
    • ·optimist they believed you could solve problems by using government
    • ·they liked government regulations for the public interest
  15. what was the open door policy
    • ·all European powers should respect china territory
    • ·respect Chinese government
    • ·all products should be able to compete equally
  16. what did the progressives want
    • ·the max 8 hour day
    • ·child labor laws
    • ·no monopolies
    • ·conservationist
    • ·anti narcotic laws
    • ·city governments
    • ·against political machines
    • ·create training for police, firemen,
    • ·zoning laws
    • ·science in laws
    • ·primary elections
    • ·fed income tax
    • ·change constitution to permit people to elect the members of the US senate
    • ·women get the right to vote
    • ·alcohol prohibition
  17. which three presidents were progressives
    • Theodore Roosevelt
    • William Howard Taft
    • Woodrow Wilson
  18. what did each president achieve
    • ·Theodore Roosevelt – protected national parks, rebuilt us navy, stopped the war between Russia and Japan.
    • ·William Howard Taft – established safety regulations, continued going after monopolies
    • ·Woodrow Wilson – set up federal reserve, destroyed monopolies, and lowered the Tariff
  19. what did the presidents not get done
  20. why did the Us go for the empire in the 1890’s
    • ·they needed empire for trade
    • ·the Us would make more money which = better economy
  21. what was brought the US its first colonies
    • ·1898 war with Spain (Cuba mainly)
    • ·Mckinley sent the USS Main to Cuba to show the Spanish that the US is prepared to go to war if they do not compromise
    • ·The Main was sunk and the war was declared in 1898
    • ·they did not like that a European colony was so close to the Us
  22. where did Theodore Roosevelt want to build a canal
  23. Why did Theodore Roosevelt want to build a canal
    • ·Wanted more naval power
    • ·Helps with over seas trading
    • ·The US had 2 oceans to guard
  24. what did Roosevelt have to do to get it
    ·threaten Colombian troops with USS Nashville Columbia wanted him to cough up 15 mill
  25. what war did Theodore Roosevelt stop
    • ·Russo japans war
    • ·had the Russian and Japanese leaders meet to negotiate a treaty
    • ·received the Nobel peace prize
  26. what was the Roosevelt corollary
    • ·a corollary to the Monroe doctrine
    • ·if Latin Americans are protected by the US from the Europeans then Latin America can piss off the Europeans and stay protected
    • ·So Roosevelt made sure that the Europeans got paid by taking over Latin America cities
  27. what was dollar diplomacy
    • ·William Howard Taft
    • ·His plan was to encourage business men to invest in countries America wanted to influence
    • ·He does this in order to control the other countries by economically helping them out and taking it away when they chose to
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