Vertebral column

  1. Rectus abdominis
    Origin: Superior surface of pubis around symphysis

    Insertion: Inferior surfaces of costal cartilages R5-R7 and ziphoid process

    Action: Depresses ribs, flexes vertebral column, compresses abdomen
  2. Spinalis thoracis
    Origin: Spinous processes of inferior thoracic and superior lumbar vertebrae

    Insertion: Spinous processes of superior thoracic vertebrae

    Action: Extends vertebral column
  3. Longissimus thoracis
    Origin: Broad apneurosis and transverse processes of inferior thoracic and superior lumbar vertebrae; joins iliocostalis

    Insertion: Transvers processes of superior vertebrae and inferior surfaces of ribs

    Action: Extends vertebral column; alone, each produces lateral flexion to that side
  4. Iliocostalis thoracis
    Origin: Superior borders of inferior seven ribs medial to the angles

    Insertion: Upper ribs and transverse process of last cervical vertebra

    Action: Stabilizes thoracic vertebrae in extension
  5. Multifidus
    Origin: Sacrum and transverse processes of each vertebra

    Insertion: Spinous processes of the 3rd and 4th more superior vertebrae

    Action: Extends vertebral columns and rotates toward opposite side
  6. Quadratus lumborum
    Origin: Iliac crest and iliolumbar ligament

    Insertion: Last rib and transverse processes of lumbar vertebrae

    Action: Depress ribs; alone, each side laterally flexes vertberal column
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Vertebral column
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