PPC Common Medical Terms

  1. Ablation
    way to treat arrhythmias. Can be surgical or non-surgical
  2. Accommodation
    the ability of the eye to change its focus from distant to near objects and vice-versa.
  3. Arthralgia
    joint pain
  4. Atrophy
    wasting away or diminution
  5. Bradycardia
    slow heart rate
  6. Bradykinesia
    slowed ability to start and continue movements
  7. Bundle branch block
    a heart abnormality in which activation of one ventricle is delayed, causing it to beat out of step with the other ventricle
  8. Calculi
    kidney stones
  9. Cartilage
    firm, rubbery tissue that cushions bones at joints and connects muscles with bones
  10. Catheter
    a thin, flexible tube
  11. Cerebrovascular
    pertaining to the blood vessels and especially, the arteries that supply the brain
  12. Cerebrum
    largest part of the brain
  13. Cortex
    the outer portion of an organ
  14. Crepitus
    crackling, crinkly, or grating feeling or sound under the skin, around the lungs, or in the joints
  15. Cyanosis
    a bluish color of the skin and the mucous membranes due to an insufficient level of oxygen in the blood
  16. Debridement
    removing dead, contaminated, or adherent tissue or foreign material
  17. Delusion
    false personal belief with no evidence or explanation
  18. Diastole/systole
    relaxation/ contraction of the heart
  19. Dyskinesia
    difficulty or distortion in performing voluntary movements (tic)
  20. Dysphagia
    difficulty in swallowing
  21. Dyspnea
    shortness of breath
  22. Edema
    swelling of tissues as a result of excess water accumulations
  23. Embolus
    something that travels through the bloodstream, lodges in a vessel and blocks it (ex. clot)
  24. Encephalitis
    swelling of the brain
  25. Endocardium
    the lining of the interior surface of the heart chambers
  26. Endometrium
    the uterine lining
  27. Endoscopy
    examining the inside of the body using a lighted flexible instrument to view on a tv monitor
  28. Endothelium
    a layer of flat cells lining the closed internal spaces of the body such a the inside of blood and lymphatic vessels
  29. Euphoria
    elevated mood
  30. Euthymia
    normal mood
  31. Expiration/inspiration
    breathing out/ breathing in
  32. Fibrillation
    uncoordinated twitching (ex. The heart muscle fibers [fib])
  33. Fibrosis
    the formation or development of excess fibrous CT is an organ or tissue
  34. Hemorrhage
    bleeding/ abnormal flow of blood
  35. Hepatitis
    inflammation of the liver, most often viral
  36. Hyperplasia
  37. Hypertrophy
    increase in volume of an organ/tissue
  38. Hypotension
    low blood pressure
  39. Hypoxia
    subnormal concentration of oxygen
  40. Idiopathic
    of unknown cause
  41. Immunoglobulin
    a protein produced by plasma cells and lymphocytes- role in body�s immune system
  42. Inflammation
    basic way in which body reacts to injury/ infection; redness, warmth, swelling and pain
  43. Interferon
    family of naturally occurring proteins- boosts immune system
  44. Interleukin
    substances used in biological therapy that stimulate the growth and activation of certain types of WBCs
  45. Ischemia
    insufficient blood flow to cells and organs
  46. Keratitis
    inflammation of the cornea
  47. Laminectomy
    surgical procedure in which the posterior arch of a vertebra is removed
  48. Laparascope
    small lighted tube
  49. Lumen
    channel within a tube such as a blood vessel or to the cavity within a hollow organ
  50. Lymphocyte
    small WBC that plays a large role in defending the body against disease
  51. Malignant
    tending to be severe and become worse, in regards to a tumor= the ability to metastasize
  52. Melena
    stools/vomit stained black by blood
  53. Miosis
    contraction of the pupil
  54. Mydriasis
    dilation of the pupils induced by eyedrops
  55. Myocardium
    heart muscle
  56. Neuritis
    inflammation of the nerves
  57. Neurogenic
    starting with or having to do with the nerves or the nervous system
  58. Obstruction
  59. Occult
    hidden (ex. Occult blood)
  60. Olfaction
    sense of smell
  61. Orthostasis
    maintenance of an upright standing posture
  62. Osteocyte
    bone cell
  63. Palpitation
    unpleasant sensations of irregular and/or forceful beating of the heart
  64. Perineum
    the area between the anus and external genitalia
  65. Plasma
    the liquid part of blood and lymphatic fluid
  66. Polyp
    a mass of tissue that develops on the inside wall of a hollow organ
  67. Prolapse
    to fall out of place, drooping down
  68. Prophylaxis
    a measure taken up for the prevention of a disease/condition
  69. Prostate
    compound tubuloalveolor exocrine gland of the male repro. system
  70. Rhinitis
    inflammation of the nose due to abnormal neuronal control of the blood vessels in the nose
  71. Serum
    the clear fluid that can be separated from clotted blood
  72. Shunt
    a tube that can be used to rain liquid or carry blood
  73. Sialorrhea
    an excess of saliva secretion
  74. Spasm
    involuntary movement
  75. Sphincter
    structurally ring-like, normally maintains constriction and relaxation of a body passage or orifice
  76. Sputum
    mucus/ other matter coughed up from lungs, trachea etc.
  77. Steatosis
    fatty liver
  78. Stenosis
  79. Syncope
  80. Synovium
    lining tissue of the joints
  81. Tachycardia
    fast heartbeat
  82. Tachypnea
    abnormally fast breathing
  83. Tendonitis
    inflammation of the tendons
  84. Thrombosis
    formation/ presence of a blood clot in a blood vessel
  85. Tinnitus
    ringing of the ears
  86. Ulcer
    an area of tissue erosion
  87. Varices
    enlarged/ convoluted veins, arteries, or lymphatic vessels
  88. Xerostomia
    dry mouth
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