op management chapter 7

  1. formats by which a facility is arranged are defined by ?
    the general pattern of work flow and there are 5 basic structures
  2. project layout
    the product, because of its sheer bulk or weight remains fixed in a location. equipment is moved to the product rather than product moved to the equipment
  3. 5 basic structures
    • project layout
    • workcenter
    • manufacturing cell
    • assembly line
    • continuous process
  4. workcenter
    process structure suited for low-volume production of a great variety of nonstandard products. departments and are focused on a particular type of operation.
  5. manufacturing cell
    an area where simple items are similar in processing requirements are produced.
  6. assembly line
    process structure designed to make discrete parts. parts are moved through a set of specially designed workstations at a controlled rate
  7. continuous process
    an often automated process that converts raw materials into a finished product in one continuous process
  8. product-process matrix
    shows the relationship between different production units and how they are used depending on product volume and the degree of product standardization
  9. break-even analysis
    standard approach to choosing among alternative processes or equipment; presents alternative profits and losses due to the number of units being sold
  10. process flow design components (4)
    assembly drawing, assembly chart, operation and route sheet, process flowchart
  11. manufacturing process flow design
    method to evaluate the specific processes that raw materials, parts and subassemblies follow as they move through the plant
  12. assembly drawing
    exploded view of the product showing its component parts
  13. assembly charts
    uses the information presented in the assembly drawing and defines how parts go together, their order of assembly ad often overall material flow pattern
  14. operation and route sheet
    specifies operations and process routing for a particular part
  15. process flowchart
    what happens to the product as it progresses through the productive facility; eliminate/minimize unneeded activities
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