Unit 3 exam review sheat history

  1. What were the key differences in beliefs between the Federalists and the Demcratic-Republicans?
    • federalists: federal government has power (focus on manufacturing)(supported bank of USA)
    • democratic-republicans: state government has power (focus on farming)(did not support a national bank)
  2. WHat would a map of Manifest Destiny look like?
    The US from ocean to ocean
  3. What was Jackson's practice of rewarding his supporters with government positions called?
    The spoil's system
  4. List the direct results of industrilization on work production and economy
    • more products
    • goods were less expensive
  5. What was the main goal of the abolitionists?
    to abolish slavery
  6. WHat were the provisions of the missouri compromise?
    • Maine would enter as a free state
    • missouri would entere as a slave state
    • slavery prohibited above the 36* 30' line
  7. What region of the usa had most of its population living on scattered farms and a plantation economy dominating by 1860
    the south
  8. What was the solution to the slavery debate in the Kansas Nebraska act?
    a new political party
  9. What did the supreme court decision in Dret Scott v. sandford do to the missouri compromise
    declared it unconstitutional
  10. what happened at Fort Sumpter on April 12, 1861?
    Fired on by confederate troops
  11. What was the intent of the Anaconda Plan?
    to squeese the life out of the southern states
  12. what term best describes shermans "March to the sea"?
  13. what was the immediate effect of he Emancipation Proclamation?
    it gave the north a moral reason to fight
  14. what was life like for soldiers in the cival war?
    Extreamly difficult many wounds became infected and many amputations were performed
  15. what was the significance of the 54th massachusetts regimet?
    a full black regiment of soldiers
  16. What did the 13th amendent do?
    slavery was abolished
  17. what did sharecropping and tenant farming have in common?
    you made barley enough to stay alive after "taxes" to the landowner
  18. what were the jim crow laws
    It limited the rights of african americans
  19. what did the Plessy v. Ferguson case make constitutional
    seperate but equal
  20. what brought an end to reconstruction?
    when troops exited the south because of the Compromise Of 1877
  21. What group supported government ownership of railroads, Bryan for presidant in 1896, increasing the money supply, and 8 hour work day, and opposed the gold standard.
  22. What was the impact of assimilation on the plains indians?
    destroyed the indian culture
  23. What was the dawes act? What was it was supposed to do for native americans?
    it was suppost to assimalate the native americans into society
  24. Why did cowboys drive their catte north from texas along the Chisholm trail
    THey got a better prophet
  25. what were negative impacts of industrial growth in the late 1800's and early 1900's
    • uneven growth
    • greater inequity
  26. define: Laissez-faire economic policy
    government does not affect econimics at all
  27. what term best describes a company that dominates a particular industry
  28. List some factors that factory workers faced on the job
    • long hours
    • low pay
    • no medical
    • no workers compensation
    • dangerous jobs
  29. what did the pullman strike, haymarket riot and the homestead steel strike all have in common
    all were against large factories
  30. what were bread and butter issues to labor unions
    • higher pay
    • lower hours
    • the right to orginise
  31. what weapon did labor unions have
  32. what were the push and pull factors that drew European immigrants to the USA?
    • bad economic sodition
    • promice of better life in america
  33. What group of passengers was required to go through immigration inspections upon arriving at ellis island
    everyone but first class
  34. who were naticists and what did they believe?
    only native people should be there (white people)
  35. what was petrolium used before the combustian engine
    lamps and stoves
  36. what was the philosophy where wealthy americans had to give money to the unchosen
    gospel of wealth
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