WH: India

  1. Sepoys
    Indian soldiers hired by the British East India Company to protect the company's interests in the region.
  2. British East India Company
    A traiding company involved in political and military affairs in india
  3. Kanpur
    Is in the north on India. This is were Indians massacred 2 houndred defensless women and children in a bouilding known as House of the Ladies
  4. Queen Victoria
    Was bestowed with the title of Emperess of India
  5. Viceroy
    a govener who ruled as a representive of a monarch
  6. 1857 revolt (NEED TO KNOW)
    revolt of indian soilders against britan rule
  7. SuezCanal
    was the "lifeline to India". The British used the Canal to get to India much quicker
  8. Mohandas K. Ganghi
    was an indian that freed India frim british rule through non violent protesting
  9. Imperialism
    Polocy in which a strong nation seeks to dominate other countries politicaly, economicly or socialy
  10. Ethiopia and Liberia
    The only two countries in Africa that stayed independent
  11. Henry Lingston
    Great explorer of central Africa
  12. Indirect Rule
    A type of imperialism: country has its own government but the policies are guided by the imperial power
  13. India
    Considered the "Jewel of the British Empire". Main Religion is Hindu.
  14. Jute
    Natural Material Fund in India used to make rope
  15. Colony
    setlement of people on a new area
  16. King Leopold
    He was the driving force behind the colinization of central Africa
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