Psych Final

  1. Construct
    • belief that cant be seen/touched
    • Ex. Consciousness
  2. Subconscious
    just below present awareness
  3. Unconsciousness
    • thoughts, info, desires where we have no true or direct knowledge
    • Ex. Going upstairs but don't know why
  4. Chronobiology
    • forces that control the body day and night
    • Ex. Owls hunt at night
    • Ex. In humans we lose energy toward summer
  5. Free-Running Cycles
    • humans are free running at birth
    • Ex. Babies do their own thing until entrainment (training) takes place
  6. Circadian Rythyms
    • unseen biological clocks
    • Ex. Humans have high pt. and low pt. within 24 hrs. and our temp. is controlled with 2 degrees naturally
    • Ex. Plants open in AM and close in PM
    • Ex. Humans dont follow the natural 25 hr. sleep/wake cycle. Due to entrainment, we adapt to the earth and the 24 hr light/dark cycle
    • Ex. Not all species are the same
  7. Twilight State
    images and thoughts
  8. REM Sleep
    takes about 90 min. to reach
  9. Delta Waves
    deepest sleep
  10. 1st Dream
    shortest, 10 min.
  11. Last Dream
    longest, 30 min.
  12. Length of Dream
    as night progresses, REM increases
  13. 1-REM
    almost impossible to awaken someone
  14. NREM
    • Non
    • Rapid
    • Eye
    • Movement
  15. Sleepwalking
    done during stage 4 NREM Sleep
  16. 1 Major theory why dream:
    brain chemicals are replenished
  17. Most Dreams...
    are not remembered. They are too boring
  18. Strange Dreams...
    are a random firing of neurons
  19. Dreams are usually...
    50% color, 50% B&W
  20. Nightmares...
    • are more likely when we have missed REM sessions from:
    • 1. Too much alcohol
    • 2. Not enough sleep
  21. REM Rebound
    an increase in dreams due to lack of sleep
  22. Night Terror
    is an "Incubus Attack" during NREM when the body isn't ready for it
  23. Infants...
    75% in REM sleep
  24. Stage 4
    we walk and talk in our sleep
  25. Insomnia
    inability to get enough sleep
  26. Narcolepsy
    • falling asleep instantly
    • Usually starts between teen & 20 years of age.
  27. Sleep Apnea
    stop breathing hundreds of times during sleep
  28. Mesmerize
    comes from Anton Mesmer...he claimed to have "magnetic powers"
  29. Hypnotists can help aid in:
    • 1. Forgetting
    • 2. Remembering
    • 3. Reducing minor pain
  30. Hypnosis:
    is related to relaxation
  31. Meditation
    form of self control
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