Terminology II

  1. a rare condition characterized by congenital absence of all teeth, primary and permanent
  2. a complete denture fabricated for placement immediately following the removal of a natureal tooth/teeth and/or other surgical preparation fo the dental arches
    immediate denture
  3. a removable denture that covers and is partially supported by one or m ore remaining natural teeth, roots, and/or dental implants and the soft tissue of the residual alveolar ridge; also called overlay denture
  4. a form of oral candidiasis that is a reoccurring disease common to denture wearers and may be characterized by generalized redness, inflamed mucosa of the tissures that support the denture, buring sensation, discomfort, unpleasant taste
    denture stomatitis
  5. substance abuse with respect to alcohol abuse involves persistent patterns of heavy alcohol intake associated with health consequences and/or impairment in social functioning
  6. multiple papillary or focal sessilebased lesions caused by the human papilloma virus (HPV6 or HPV-11)
    condyloma acuminatum
  7. discoloration of the skin that is blue-black with irregularly formed hemorrhagic areas. color changes iwth time to yellow or greenish-brown
  8. mental anguish and despair caused by ridicule, intimidation, humiliation, name calling, harassment, threats, and controlling behavior; isolation
    emotional abuse
  9. willful or unwillful failure of the caregiver or parents to provide the basic necessities to individuals in their care; abandonment; medical, dental, and deprivtion neglect
  10. nonaccidental injuries on family members by parents, caregives, spouses, or siblings
    physical abuse
  11. nonconsensual or exploitive sexual contact, including sexual intercourse, oral sex, fondling, or pornographic activities
    sexual abuse
  12. motor disturbance of the trigeminal nerve with spasm of masticatory muscles and difficulty in opending the mouth (lockjaw)
  13. generalized feeling of ill-bing, malaise, restlessness, and discomfort
  14. method of drug delivery by patch on skin; a mode for slow release over extended time
  15. type of drug delivery by infiltration of mucosal lining
  16. brand name of the generic drug disulfiram; used to deter consumption of alcohol by persons being treated for alcohol dependency by inducing vomiting
  17. a serious acute condition associated with the last stages of alcohol withdrawal
    delirium tremors
  18. feeling of well-being, elation; without fear or worry
  19. a collapse of nasal bridge
    saddlenose deformity
  20. not malignant
  21. a malignant tumor of epithelial origin
  22. distortion of the sense of taste
  23. tending to become progressively worse and to result in death; having hte properties of anaplasia, invasiveness, and metastasis; said f tumores
  24. transfer of disease from one organ or part to another not directly connected with it; for example, regional or distant spread of cancer cells from teh site primarily involved.
  25. affording relief, but does not cure
  26. occurrence in more than one form; the assumption of various distinct morphologic types by a single organsim or cell
  27. long standing chronic inflammatory tissue that appears in single or multiple elongated folds realted to teh border of an ill-fitting denture
    epulis fissuratum (aka denture irritation hyperplasia)
  28. mental anguish and despair caused by ridicule, name calling, humiliation, harassment, manipulation, threats, and controlling behavior
    psychological abuse
  29. chronic red mucosal mucule or red patch
  30. curvature of the spine resulting in hunch back
  31. patches of keratosis; white patches on the mucous membranes and tongue
  32. tiny red or purple spots; bruise in the mouth
  33. involuntary eye movement
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