Scarlet Letter Vocab

  1. sepulchre
    small room / monument in which a dead person is buried
  2. inauspicious
    un promising
  3. sepulchers
    small room / monument where someone is burried
  4. pysiognomies
    features, appearance, sometimes in regard to ethnic origin
  5. heterdox
  6. venerable
    respected b/c of age or wisdom
  7. whit
    small amount of measure
  8. rotundity
    rich, round, full, grandiloquent expression
  9. malefactress
    woman who commits a crime
  10. heathen
    someone w/o a widely held religion
  11. beadle
    ceremonial officer of church or college
  12. abashed
    embarrassed, disconcerted or ashamed
  13. sumptuary
    laws that limit private expenditure on food and personal items
  14. evanescent
    quickly fading, soon passing out of sight or memory
  15. ignominy
    shame, embarrassment, public disgrace
  16. contumely
    insulting language or treatment
  17. phantasmagoric
    phantom-like, imaginary, dreamlike
  18. bleared
    worn out, dim, dull, blurried
  19. betwixt
  20. unadulterated
  21. eminence
    importance, power, recognized superiority
  22. insubordination
    defiance of authority, refusal to obey
  23. expostulation
    strong disapproval or dissagreement
  24. besmirch
    brings shame upon, damages reputation
  25. uncongenial
    not friendly
  26. fictitious
  27. succor
    assistance in times of hardship and distress
  28. mutability
    liability to change
  29. gesticulation
    wild movements, gestures
  30. exigence
    an urgent need or demand
  31. autumnal
    characteristics of or occurring in autumn, stage of life
  32. pious
    devoutly religious
  33. vehemence
    display in strong feeling, passion
  34. scrupulous
    diligent, thorough, attentive
  35. incantations
    a series of words said as a magic spell or charm
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