2nd test

  1. Qualities of Minimalism
    • Geometric, hard edges
    • art for arts sake
    • highly formal, not interested in concept
  2. Describe Frank Stella
    Canvas cut to mimic lines of shapes
  3. Image Upload 2
    Telluride-Copper Paint on Canvas by Frank Stella
  4. Image Upload 4
    Lake City- Frank Stella Copper Paint on Canvas
  5. Describe Donald Judds works
    • Scientific Objects, relief sculptures portruding from the wall
    • Image Upload 6
  6. Seriality, what is it?
    Geometric Repetition
  7. Carl Andre, describe his work
    Started in wood, moved to bricks, then metal plates.
  8. Image Upload 8
    Equivalent 8 Frank Stella 120 bricks
  9. Image Upload 10
    Steel Magnesium Plain- Carl Andre Steel Magnesium Plates
  10. What did Dan Flavin generally work with?
    • Image Upload 12
    • flourescent bulbs
  11. Post Minimalism, describe it.
    • AKA process art
    • responds to time
    • more organic
  12. Linda Benglis, and her work.
    • Contraband, latex poured and polyurethane
    • not geometric
    • no hard edges
    • not clean and prescise
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