GRE Vocab (G-K)

  1. Gambol (v)
    to dance or skip around playfully

    From her office, Amy enviously watched the playful puppies gambol around Central Park.

    Synonyms: caper; frisk; frolic; rollick; romp
  2. Garner (v)
    to gather and store

    The director managed to garner financial backing from several different sources for his next project.

    Synonyms: amass; acquire; glean; harvest; reap
  3. Garrulous (adj)
    tending to talk a lot

    The garrulous parakeet distracted its owner with it's continuous talking.

    Synonyms: effusive; loquacious
  4. Gestation (n)
    growth process from conception to birth

    The longer the gestation period of an organism, the more developed the baby is at birth.

    Synonyms: development; gravidity; pregnancy
  5. Glib (adj)
    fluent in an insincere manner; offhand; casual

    The slimy politician continued gaining supporters because he was a glib speaker.

    Synonyms: easy; superficial
  6. Glower (v)
    to glare or stare angrily and intensely

    The cranky waiter glowered at the indecisive customer.

    Synonyms: frown; lower; scowl
  7. Gradation (n)
    process occurring by regular degrees or stages; variation in color

    The paint store offers so many different gradations of red that it's impossible the choose among them.

    Synonyms: nuance; shade; step; subtlety
  8. Gregarious (adj)
    outgoing; sociable

    She was so gregarious when she found herself alone she felt quite sad.

    Synonyms: affable; communicative; congenial; sociable
  9. Grievous (adj)
    causing grief or sorrow; serious and distressing

    Maude and Bertha sobbed loudly throughout the grievous event.

    Synonyms: dire; dolorous; grave; mournful
  10. Grovel (v)
    to humble oneself in a demeaning way

    Thor groveled to his ex-girlfriend, hoping she would take him back.

    Synonyms: bootlick; cringe; fawn; kowtow; toady
  11. Guile (n)
    deceit; trickery

    Since he was not fast enough to catch the roadrunner on foot, the coyote resorted to guile in an effort to trap his enemy.

    Synonyms: artifice; chicanery; connivery: duplicity
  12. Gullible (adj)
    easily deceived

    The con man pretended to be a bank officer so as to fool the gullible bank customers into giving him their account information.

    Synonyms: credulous; exploitable; naive
  13. Hapless (adj)
    unfortunate; having bad luck

    I wish someone would give that poor, hapless soul some food and shelter.

    Synonyms: ill-fated; ill-starred; jinxed; luckless; unlucky
  14. Hegemony (n)
    the domination of one state or group over its allies

    When Germany claimed hegemony over Russia, Stalin was outraged.

    Synonyms: authority; power
  15. Hermetic (adj)
    tightly sealed

    The hermetic seal of the jar proved impossible to break.

    Synonyms: airtight; impervious; watertight
  16. Heterogeneous (adj)
    composed of unlike parts; different; diverse

    The United Nations is by nature a heterogeneous body.

    Synonyms: assorted; miscellaneous;mixed; motley; varied
  17. Hoary (adj)
    very old; whitish or gray from age

    The old man's hoary beard contrasted starkly to the new stubble of his teenage grandson.

    Synonyms: ancient; antediluvian; antique; venerable; vintage
  18. Homogeneous (adj)
    of a similar kind

    The class was fairly homogeneous since most of the students were journalism majors.

    Synonyms: consistent; standardized; uniform; unvarying
  19. Husband (v)
    to manage economically; to use sparingly

    The cyclist paced herself at the start of the race, knowing that if she husbanded her resources she'd have the strength to break out of the pack later on.

    Synonyms: conserve
  20. Hyperbole (n)
    purposeful exaggeration for effect

    When the mayor claimed his town was one of the seven wonders of the world, outsiders classified his statement as a hyperbole.

    Synonyms: embellishment; inflation; magnification
  21. Iconoclast (n)
    one who opposes established beliefs, customs, and institutions

    His lack of regard for traditional beliefs soon established him as an iconoclast.

    Synonyms: maverick; nonconformist; rebel; revolutionary
  22. Idiosyncrasy (n)
    peculiarity of temperament; eccentricity

    His numerous idiosyncrasies included a fondness for wearing bright green shoes with mauve socks.

    Synonyms: humor; oddity; quirk
  23. Ignoble (adj)
    having low moral standards; not noble in character; mean

    The photographer was paid a princely sum for the picture of the self-proclaimed ethicist in the ignoble act of pick-pocketing.

    Synonyms: lowly; vulgar
  24. Imbue (v)
    to infuse, dye, wet, or moisten

    Marcia struggled to imbue her children with decent values, a difficult task this day and age.

    Synonyms: charge; freight; impregnate; permeate; pervade
  25. Impasse (n)
    blocked path; dilemma with no solution

    The rock slide produced an impasse, so no one could proceed further on the road.

    Synonyms: cul-de-sac; deadlock; stalemate
  26. Impecunious (adj)
    poor; having no money

    After the stock market crashed, many former millionaires found themselves impecunious.

    Synonyms: destitute; impoverished; indigent; needy; penniless
  27. Imperturbable (adj)
    not capable of being disturbed

    The counselor had so much experience dealing with distraught children that she was imperturbable, even when faced with the wildest tantrums.

    Synonyms: composed; dispassionate; impassive; serene; stoical
  28. Impervious (adj)
    impossible to penetrate; incapable of being affected

    A good raincoat will be impervious to moisture.

    Synonyms: impregnable; resistant
  29. Impetuous (adj)
    quick to act without thinking

    It is not good for an investment banker to be impetuous since much thought should be given to all possible options.

    Synonyms: impulsive; precipitate; rash; reckless; spontaneous
  30. Impious (adj)
    not devout in religion

    The nun cut herself off from her impious family after she entered the convent.

    Synonyms: immoral; irreverent; profane
  31. Implacable (adj)
    unable to be calmed down or made peaceful

    His rage at the betrayal was so great that he remained implacable for weeks.

    Synonyms: inexorable; intransigent; irreconcilable; relentless; remorseless; unforgiving; unrelenting
  32. Imprecation (n)
    a curse

    Spouting violent imprecations, Hank searched for the person who had vandalized his truck.

    Synonyms: damnation
  33. Impugn (v)
    to call into question; to attack verbally

    "How dare you impugn my motives?" protested the lawyer, on being accused of ambulance chasing.

    Synonyms: challenge; dispute
  34. Incarnadine (adj)
    blood-red in color

    At his mother's mention of his baby pictures, the shy boy's cheeks turned incarnadine with embarrassment.

    Synonyms: reddened; ruby; ruddy
  35. Inchoate (adj)
    not fully formed; disorganized

    The ideas expressed in Nietzsche's mature work also appear in an inchoate form in his earliest writing.

    Synonyms: amorphous; incoherent; incomplete; unorganized
  36. Inculcate (v)
    to teach; impress in the mind

    Most parents inculcate their children with their beliefs and ideas instead of allowing their children to decelop their own values.

    Synonyms: implant; indoctrinate; instill; preach
  37. Indolent (adj)
    habitually lazy or idle

    Her indolent ways got her fired from many jobs.

    Synonyms: faineant; languid; lethargic; slothful; sluggish
  38. Inexorable (adj)
    inflexible; unyielding

    The inexorable force of the twister swept away their house.

    Synonyms: adamant; relentless; obdurate
  39. Ingenuous (adj)
    showing innocence or childlike simplicity

    She was so ingenuous that her friends feared that her innocence and trustfulness would be exploited when she visited the big city.

    Synonyms: artless; guileless; innocent; naive; simple; unaffected
  40. Ingrate (n)
    ungrateful person

    When none of her relatives thanked her for the fruitcakes she had sent them, Audrey condemned them all as ingrates.

    Synonyms: cad; churl
  41. Ingratiate (v)
    to gain favor with another by deliberate effort; to seek to please somebody so as to gain an advantage

    The new intern tried to ingratiate herself with the managers so that they might consider her for a future job.

    Synonyms: curry; favor; flatter
  42. Inimical (adj)
    hostile: unfriendly

    Even though a cease-fire had been in place for months, the two sides were still inimical to each other.

    Synonyms: adverse; antagonistic; dissident; recalcitrant
  43. Iniquity (n)
    sin; evil act

    "I promise to close every den of iniquity in this town!" thundered the conservative new mayor.

    Synonyms: enormity; immorality; injustice; vice; wickedness
  44. Innocuous (adj)

    • Some snakes are poisonous, but most species are innocuous and pose no danger to humans.
    • Synonyms: benign; harmless; inoffensive; insipid
  45. Inquest (n)
    an investigation; an inquiry

    The police chief ordered an inquest to determine what went wrong.

    Synonyms: probe; quest; research
  46. Insipid (adj)
    lacking interest or flavor

    The critic claimed that the painting was insipid, containing no interest qualities at all.

    Synonyms: banal; bland; dull; stale; vapid
  47. Insurrection (n)

    After the emperor's troops crushed the insurrection, its leaders fled the country.

    Synonyms: mutiny; revolt; revolution; uprising
  48. Inter (v)
    to bury

    After giving the masses one last chance to pay their respects, the leader's body was interred.

    Synonyms: entomb; inhume; sepulcher; sepulture; tomb
  49. Interregnum (n)
    period between reigns

    When JFK was shot, there was a brief interregnum before LBJ became president.

    Synonyms: interval
  50. Intractable (adj)
    not easily managed or manipulated

    Intractable for hours, the wild horse eventually allowed the rider to mount.

    Synonyms: stubborn; unruly
  51. Intransigent (adj)
    uncompromising; refusing to be reconciled

    The professor was intransigent on the deadline, insisting that everyone turn the assignment in at the same time.

    Synonyms: implacable; inexorable; irreconcilable; obdurate; obstinate; remorseless; rigid; unbending; unrelenting; unyielding
  52. Intrepid (adj)
    fearless; resolutely courageous

    Despite freezing winds, the intrepid hiker completed his ascent.

    Synonym: brave
  53. Inundate (v)
    to overwhelm; to cover with water

    The tidal wave inundated Atlantis, which was lost beneath the water.

    Synonyms: deluge; drown; engulf; flood; submerge
  54. Inure (v)
    to harden; accustom; become used to

    Eventually, Hassad became inured to the sirens that went off every night and could sleep through them.

    Synonyms: condition; familiarize; habituate
  55. Invective (n)
    abusive language

    A stream of invectives poured from Mrs. Pratt's mouth as she watched the vandals smash her ceramic frog.

    Synonyms: denunciation; revilement; vituperation
  56. Investiture (n)
    ceremony conferring authority

    At Napoleon's investiture, he grabbed the crown from the Pope's hands and placed it on his head himself.

    Synonyms: inaugural; inauguration; induction; initiation; installation
  57. Invidious (adj)
    envious, obnoxious, or offensive; likely to promote ill-will

    It is cruel and invidious for parents to play favorites with their children.

    Synonyms: discriminatory; insulting; jaundiced; resentful
  58. Irascible (adj)
    easily made angry

    Attila the Hun's irascible and violent nature made all who dealt with him fear for their lives.

    Synonyms: cantankerous; irritable; ornery; testy
  59. Itinerant (adj)
    wandering from place to place; unsettled

    The itinerant tomcat came back to the Johansson homestead every two months.

    Synonyms: nomadic; vagrant
  60. Jargon (n)
    nonsensical talk; specialized language

    You need to master technical jargon in order to communicate successfully with engineers.

    Synonyms: argot; cant; dialect; idiom; slang
  61. Jettison (v)
    to discard; to get rid of as unnecessary or encumbering

    The sinking ship jettisoned its cargo in a desperate attempt to reduce its weight.

    Synonyms: dump; eject
  62. Jingoism (n)
    belligerent support of one's country

    The professor's jingoism made it difficult for the students to participate in an open political discussion.

    Synonyms: chauvinism; nationalism
  63. Jocular (adj)
    playful; humorous

    The jocular old man entertained his grandchildren for hours.

    Synonyms: amusing; comical
  64. Judicious (adj)
    sensible; showing good judgment

    The wise and distinguished judge was well known for having a judicious temperament.

    Synonyms: circumspect; prudent; sagacious; sapient
  65. Juncture (n)
    point of time, especially where two things are joined

    At this juncture, I think it would be a good idea for us to take a coffee break.

    Synonyms: confluence; convergence; crisis; crossroads; moment
  66. Keen (adj)
    having a sharp edge; intellectually sharp; perceptive

    With her keen intelligence, she figured out the puzzle in seconds flat.

    Synonyms: acute; canny; quick
  67. Kindle (v)
    to set fire or to ignite; excite or inspire

    With only damp wood to work with, Tilda had great difficulty trying to kindle the camp fire.

    Synonyms: arouse;awaken; light; spark
  68. Kinetic (adj)
    relating to motion; characterized by movement

    The kinetic sculpture moved back and forth, startling the museum visitors.

    Synonyms: active; dynamic; mobile
  69. Knell (n)
    sound of a funeral bell; omen of death or failure

    When the townspeople heard the knell from the church belfry, they knew that their mayor had died.

    Synonyms: chime; peal; toll
  70. Kudos (n)
    fame, glory, or honor

    The actress happily accepted kudos from the press for her stunning performance in the film.

    Synonyms: acclaim; accolade; encomium; homage; praise
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