figure 18 head and neck

  1. the meningeal nerve innervates:
    dura of the brain
  2. the tensor veli palatini nerve of the otic ganglion innervates:
    soft palate
  3. the tensor tympani nerve of the otic ganglion innervates:
    inner ear muscles
  4. the long buccal nerve (anes) innervates: (2)
    • skin of the cheek
    • buccal gingiva of the mandibular teeth
  5. tthe lingual nerve is located by what?
    the 3rd molars
  6. the lingual nerve innervates: (3)
    • body of the tongue
    • floor of the mouth
    • lingual gingiva of the mandibular teeth
  7. the incisive nerve goes through which foramen?
    mental foramen
  8. the incisive foramen innervates: (2)
    • mandibular anterior teeth
    • mandibular premolars
  9. the mental nerve innervates: (2)
    • chin
    • lower lip
  10. which nerve do you try to get to the incisive nerve from?
    mental nerve
  11. in which direction do you aim for the mental nerve injection?
    straight down
  12. which injection is also given with the IA?
    the lingual injection
  13. which nerve branches to each tooth?
    the inferior alveolar nerve (IA)
  14. the IA innervates:
    mandibular teeth
  15. which nerve is seen on a radiograph?
  16. the mylohyoid nerve innervates: (2)
    • mylohyoid muscle
    • digastric muscle
  17. auriculotemporal nerve innervates: (3)
    • external ear
    • scalp
    • **parotid gland**
  18. use caution with the _______ nerve.
    just distal of the ______ molars and can be endangered during __________.
    • lingual
    • third
    • extractions
  19. which nerve can cross over to the other side of the mandible and make anesthetic difficult to achieve?
    incisive nerve
  20. which direction does the anesthetic syringe aim for the mandibular foramen?
  21. the IA may be ______ (split into two)
  22. T/F if two mandibular canals are present in a radiograph, nothing changes
  23. the bifid may be seen in the _______ and _______ together
    • IA
    • lingual
  24. the otic ganglion is a _______ ________
    relay station
  25. what are the seven nerves from the otic ganglion?
    • medial/lateral pterygoid nerve
    • masseteric nerve
    • posterior/anterior deep temporal nerve
    • tensor veli palatini nerve
    • tensor tympani nerve
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figure 18 head and neck
figure 18 head and neck